bringing up lagging bodyparts

Heys guys,
I normally just lurk on this topic and I am not considering doing a cycle anytime soon. I am still learning, but hope to try a cycle somtime in the next year. While working out today I was thinking about what my weaker bodyparts/exercises were and wondered if it made sense to use gear specifically to bring up weak points faster. My instincts tell me that it would be a waste to only focus on one or two specific bodyparts instead of taking full advantage of being on. Does anyone ever do a cycle specifically for this purpose? Could you just train everything else normally and up the volume to more than what you could handle naturally for specific bodyparts?

Glad 2 see u stopped lurking. BTW good question. Here’s my opinion. I think it’s a good idea to use a specialization program for say half a cycle 4-5 weeks for me. Then resume a more regular program. For example EDT for arms during the first 4 weeks of a d-bol/eq/sust cycle is nice.

I suggest using specific drugs during a cycle. By specific, I mean chemicals with no ester to allow for spot injections. For example, if you had lagging triceps, you can inject a steroid directly into that muscle.

Some drugs that do NOT have an ester include Test Suspension, Reforvit-B, Winstrol Depot, etc.

If you were to do a classic Test/Tren/Dbol cycle, you could use Suspension as your Test for your spot injections. Or, with the same cycle, use a regular Test (such as Sustanon or Enanthate) and use Reforvit-B (your Dbol) for your spot injections. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Yeah I’m glad you asked that I was wondering the same thing and planned on working my calves twice as hard as anything. I’ll tell you what I’ll do like wideguy and do EDT for arma and specialize/higher volume on my calves for my upcoming cycle and tell you what I think.

In my opinon that is the reason for training natural for an extended period before begining steroids. Everyone has genetic strengths and weeknesses. These will be magnified with steroid use. So for example if you naturally have big bicepts and smaller tricepts, doing juice can just make the problem worse. Using juice to correct these problems will require discipline, and focus. In some individuals who have genetic strengths, they don’t even have to train those body parts very often, and they grow like weeds. So including more work for a lagging body part may not fix the problem. The other problem you may have is that the increase in volume and intensity causes injuries to the tendon and joints of the target area. This will just cause further set back, because everyone knows that muscles develope much quicker then tendon and joint strength. My recomedation is to take a few more years of natural training to even out your physique, then begin using steroids. This way you can enlarge everything equally, and still have the balanced physique that you had created before your first cycle. This is what I have done. Steroids are just the icing on the cake, and it is not the icing that gives the cake shape, it is the cake itself, so I say take your time to shape, and sculpt your cake before you add the icing!

hey MassN if you did that you would be cheating :)!

i absolutely use steroids for exactly that at times. during my last cycle i emphasized chest as i felt it was my weakest part. i went through a very heavy routine using alot of forced reps and beyond failure type workouts. bumped my chest days from just mondays to mondays and fridays. using mon as a heavy day and friday as a working day. worked very well. 1RM went up 30lbs in 8 weeks. the same routine naturally would have given me maybe 15lbs. i am not saying to neglect the rest of the body. only emphasize one thing at a time. great question.

ROFL P-22!!! Hell, then I’m a fucking cheater… and I’m proud of it! ROFL

Whether on or off gear, you should always give priority to bringing up lagging bodyparts. RLTW


Thanks for all the input guys! I do try to give priority to my weaknesses, but sometimes it’s hard to stick with it. Even when giving them priority, some muscles are just stubborn and it can be frustrating to put in the extra work and not see much improvement. P-22 touched on one of my concerns, I was worried about injuring targeted muscle groups. Again, thanks for the input. I will keep reading and perhaps I will be able to contribute to this topic eventually.

I’m not one to ever argue with Prisoner#22, he helped build my cycle, but I have a little different take on the lagging body part issue. I have spent literally decades training naturally and have always wanted, but could never attain the round fullness in the delts that are essential to a balanced physique. Several weeks into this first cycle they exploded. It’s like they were hungry for the androgens. Maybe the deltoid injections did it, I don’t know, finally my dreams are coming true. Same with the forearms. I’ve always treated them as a separate body part, but they never developed that heft that creates balance. I have to say in my case the steroids woke up my lagging parts.

just be careful, I started doing my delt workouts twice a week emphasizing on my rear delts because they were lagging behind. with my last tren/test/dbol cycle they exploded and now they overshadow the rest of my shoulder. They just wrap around my shoulder to my back and are huge. Now granted, I’m not complaining, just looks kinda funny, but gives me a great double bi back pose :slight_smile:

Hey johhny? How’d you hit your rear delts? Did you have someone do it for you?

BTW I never had lagging shoulder, but I do notice that when I did my first cycle my shoulders (in particular) grew ALOT compared to their normal growth rate.

Hey Joohhny?

Wideguy, thankfully my girlfriend is a pre-med major and does my shots for me. I really hate to do them myself so she’s nice enough to do them for me. however, the rear delt wasn’t the most pleasant shot I’ve ever had either

Ever spot inject Ip sust250 in your bi’s?

no never have. I’ve never injected into my bi’s or tri’s. was thinkin about it though. have you?

Hey, cool to see that one of my posts actually started a discussion instead of killing a thread like it usually seems to.

Pap: LOL! some body parts are just like that. For example most people’s traps seem to grow fuller while they are one, whether or not they work them extra hard.

yeah P-22 why is that? now I know there are a lot more test receptors in the shoulders and upper chest area than most of the body, but I cannot seem to get my traps to get huge like i want even though I do every exercise i can think of for them. wtf?