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Bringing Up Lagging Body Part


If you have a lagging body part how do you bring it up to spec? This is about pure asthetics. Of course strength will come along with it, but I'm talking about when you look at yourself in the mirror and say "my traps need to be a bit bigger." How do you bring the body part up?


See Waterbury's 100 Workouts to Bigger Muscles


PGA200X...I'm sure you will get plenty of more scientifically-based responses to your post than mine, but basically, you just have to beat the shit out of that target muscle group. For example, a while back, I decided that I really wanted to add some more width to my back. So, I started doing a TON of pullups and chins...a TON I would devote at least one separate session each week (I have dip/chin station in my basement) to doing nothing but these two movements. In addition, anytime I had the urge, I would just go downstairs and do a session of pullups and chins.

It without question added width to my back...quite a bit actually, and I'm the type of person that finds it very difficult to identify or acknowledge improvements in my body. Again, fundamentally sound? Probably not. Effective (for me at least), yes. Good luck.


PGA...just think frequency and variation...just to be more, ya know, "scientific" about it.


I'm aware for what works for myself, gottatrain. I'm just starting up a discussion for people that may not know or havent seen the results they are striving for. For myself, I just hit it more often. Another part that I feel I can "slack" on will take a back seat. Not completely but emphasis on that muscle group would be relegated to being hit indirectly (if I have time there is no need to let anything "slack) until the lagging part can be brought up to where I want it to be. Granted I'm not some monster but I do like to keep my proportions where I would consider them asthetically correct.

BTW, if I havent said it in your thread gotta, great job!


Increased frequency of training (more days per a week)


Thanks for the feedback, PGA. Sorry for misreading your post. Hit 'em straight.