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Bringing up Forearms and Triceps


I usually do


My weak points are my forearms and triceps, I do some bicep work on back days but kind of inconsistent on triceps on chest because the chest workout fatigues me.

Problem with doing isolation work is you are fatigued if you start doing them after you hit the big body part.

I don’t even like doing arm day when I do like 6-10 sets superset of bicep/tricep with hammer curls because you don’t hit a big body part but I can do that every other week or so.

I been trying to add a few sets of forearm and tricep when I can though gotta be careful on overtraining.


Sounds to me like your weak point is your legs.

RE: triceps, I was taught to train them until I feel like puking and I’ve never been “overtrained.” Why are you afraid of being overtrained?


Where are your legs? When do you hit triceps. Why don’t you list in your split where you place legs, tri’s and bi’s?

You just answered your own question: you treat arm work casually. Dedicated bodybuilders do not refer to training as “some work”; they have a specific day they work biceps, as in a “biceps workout”.

You’re also inconsistent with triceps. OF COURSE you will be somewhat fatigued after working chest. This doesn’t mean one should ditch triceps work! You will be more and more fatigued as the workout progresses regardless of what body parts or exercises you are hitting! That’s like a bodybuilder saying he is not going to work hamstrings after quads because squats fatigued his hams (and they do!).

False. Unless doing pre-exhaust, isolation work is hit after the bigger lifts. Considering not everyone does pre-exhaust nearly all isolation work is done after the big lifts. Uhhh, ask several Mr. O’s and even impressive gym

Then work triceps and biceps with other bodyparts instead of having an arm day.

No one overtrains from adding a few sets of a forearm exercise or working their triceps. Sorry, you need a whole lot of OVERALL training for this to happen!

Dude, I am not saying this to be a jerk, but you have no grasp/understanding on training generally, which is clear from your post. You likely have little muscle mass at this point and should really educate yourself on bodybuilding training with the thousands of articles on this site.


Chest/Tricep Isolation

What I meant is adding Forearm and tricep work to each workout for chest, back and shoulders or at least 2 times a week. The overtraining I am referring to is I may not be recovered fully from a day rest and my big body lifts may go down a bit.


This likely means a couple of things.
a) You’re not eating and sleeping enough. I hit the gym HARD and one off day is usually all I need to go back in (assuming that I’ll be training a different body part…not leg day, off, leg day…and assuming that I’m not cutting/in a caloric deficit).
b) how MUCH you lift doesn’t necessarily matter. This is bodybuilding, not powerlifting. Your muscle doesn’t understand weight, it understands tension. If you keep intensity and tension high on the compound lifts, your body won’t miss the extra weight.

@BrickHead pretty much addressed all points in his post thoroughly.

The only other question I would have is this: What do your workouts typically look like? It could be that your volume is too high, which would wreak your CNS. Building muscle takes place mostly via recovery. More training/more sets/more reps isn’t always better if it is effecting your recovery rate.


Use towels when doing chin/pull ups
Use an axle when curling/rowing
Do farmer carries

You’ll have forearms that look like lamb thighs.


Are you saying they don’t measure what you think they should? (If so, what do they measure and what do you think they should measure?) Or are they physically weak in terms of fatiguing first in bigger exercises?

Presuming it’s a measurement thing… in your shoulder width thread, you said you were “5’8-5’9 157 lbs”. Any chance you can post a pic? I have a feeling you either might have a skewed perception of yourself or you’re focusing on the wrong things. (Leaning towards the latter)

Stick with working towards gaining 20-40 pounds, like you mentioned in that thread. As long as you increase total body strength while gaining the weight, your “weak points” will become much less of an issue.


If you’re sitting at 157lbs, there’s absolutely no reason to focus on lacking bodyparts unless you are the height of an Oompa Loompa. Consindering that you and I are the same height but I weigh 70lbs more than you, I’d say just focus on getting stronger on the big lifts and gaining muscle mass.

Before actually putting on some mass, don’t bother with trivial stuff like “are my specific bodyparts lacking in size”.


On dumbbell chest press your forearm has to be strong enough to hold the weight and I feel my arms give out first.


At your current weight, your measurements mean absolutely nothing. Your problem is with tricep and forearm strength, not size. Use a barbell and actually work your triceps instead of “just doing something for them”. Do one primary bench workout with some tricep assistance and another one with a focus on close grip benching for example. Also do heavy rows and pulling movements without straps. That way your forearm strength will also improve.