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Bringing Thai 2 You


OK had some interest and comments about me doing an update to the Thailand series Chris Shugart did a few years back. Well hell im no reporter/writer but wouldnt mind giving it a try if there is interest and then it would still of coiurse be no sure fire thing I may write a peice of POOO that wouldnt be published in the National Enquirer.

So thought this may be cool and it may even feed the creative fire, either giving me something to focus on or hell if theres enough interest and my inmitail research turns up some cool stuff maybe Chris or TC will make a trip here to do an article or two.

So to get to it. What here is of interest what Cha wanna see. I mean theres a ton of odd stuff and exciting stuff that its sensory over load alomost being here and it all becomes everyday. Girly boys walking round, hot women, hell ive seen three ppl in a month get flattened by traffic and being buddhist here they dont get sad etc. justv kind of wipe em up and go on with the day.

Some of the every day things may be of interest. Just give me an idea and at the least I can put info here a running little living blog of types. You request it and I try and find it. Might take time and money is an issue I aint swimming in it. LOL.

Some cool things in planning are more get the hell out oif the city to the jungle trips. MMA is HUGE here and Ive had the luxury and got the inside after weasling my way in to go watch some of the TOP fighters and trainers here it just about cathing them at the right time and who your going to see anywhere from Joe schmoe to the current champs from both Thailand and recently the russian champ, geman champ, and other. Seen a few Pride prospects training here as well. This place is a damn Meac for MMA, BBing and etc.. Now NO promissies but thiungs like that May be able to be seen and snapped a few shots of for Free which is GOOD or little money.

Another thing thjat may be of interest to more the FFB crowd and well people such as ladies lookming for physical enhancement. Im going to an appointment for a consultation on having abdominoplasty done while im here. Its 1/4 of the cost of the states and done by pros. I may just do it. Yhea flame away I dont care I figure ive payed my damn dues been about 7 years since I was a disgusting lard ass Im assured I wont do it again so I think ive earned the right to correct my mistake of blowing up to mody dick scale and get that crap wiped out allowing a better physique both while bulking and when cut none of that damn Pug dog like loose skin.

OK once again no promisses but if you have something you want to see from here or questions ask, ASIDE from me in any way shape or form having personal relations with a girly boy. I have nothing against them just aint my thing. Ive been pressed and prodded to just "TRY IT" NO!!! it aint me.

OK ltr,


Sweet. That Thailand series was one of my favorites of all time here. Something I wish we could have seen more of from Chris' articles, though, was the fitness scene. There was some stuff at the end of the trilogy on juice, smuggling, and an interview with an IFBB pro, but that only piqued my interest even more. Don't gert yourself into any trouble, though.

I understand Chris didn't have a lot to work with, so it might be even harder for you to get anything. But it would still be cool.


well there are tons of sports etc. and I just missed a BB contest (mr. and Mrs Pattaya. Lots of soccer tons Of Muay Thai. Gyms EVERYWHERE with the new fairtex center just opening as well where that IFBB pro Chris Interviewd now works. The gym is ran by a former Mr. Universe and they have training in every darn sport the top Muay Thai trainiers. Rugby, tennis, rock climbing wall. etc..

A lot of beach sports as well. Volleyball, foot volley tourney last weekend. Then you have sport fishing, shooting, car, kart, and motorcylcle racing.

Nutrition here well it's about like the states except the availibility and price. Its cheap and its everywhere. You can eat very well (healthy) or like crap.

Any specifics on well anything and Ill do my best to get pics and info just so many damn avenues to head its hard to know where to focus


I'm heading to Thailand in October for 14 days to do a Scuba/Muay Thai Vacation. After my contract ends I am heading back for 2 months to do Muay Thai once more. Thailand is quite the place.


Where are you headed in Thailand. You should get a hold of me and as well Mr.Moose he runs a dive shop here just went scuba diving last week with him.


little Thailand=The Philippines!

This is where I am at, although I believe Thailand is a bit more advanced, I think we are catching up.


Phill, where do you work in Thailand?


I gave up on working I retired. :slight_smile:

actually I kind of did though very short term. I liquidated every damn thing I own. I mean EVERYTHING. Took that cash got a ticket and a Prayer and flew my ass to thailand. Im doing my art and half assed looking for teaching work but just taking it kind of easy for a bit. Sooner or later will buck up and have to get one though plenty of teaching etc.

That and do work on the internet for my dads business from time to time. Have shipped back some things and My brother is selling them thinking about doing an import export thing etc.. Just trying to find my nitch.


Pretty ballsy, and cool, Phil. How's the language barrier?



Mad respect. On Monday, I'm doin a similar thing. I made a post on here a while ago regarding Dubai, UAE.

I've liquidated everything I own, purged my life into two suitcases and am giving this a go on my visitors visa in the Middle East.

I'm not sure how I feel about getting rid of my everything..it's a bit of an unreal feeling to be homeless. Well, I have a place to stay my last week here in TO, and a place to stay in Dubai.

best of luck bud, life is too short to sit on the couch and wonder how it would be if you did something like this. Mad respect.




Did you find me some purses yet?-(LOL)-Jules


Balls my friend, Balls. I give ya all the credit in the world to do what your doing.

Now how was your first man boy experience?


I'm going to Vietnam at the start of August to teach English.

I appreciate that they're different countries but how easy is it to find real basic hole-in-the-wall gyms in Southeast Asia? I've read about health club type joints in HCMC, but I worry about finding a good gym. Have you heard anything at all about how easy it is to find AASs in Nam?