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Bringing Supplements to Australia

I’m studying abroad in Australia soon.

I was wondering if any of you in Australia know if I can bring over Surge, protein, and fish oils without any problems.

I’d think you would be ok… Just ring up and immigration and find out for sure :slight_smile:

yeah. all that stuff is fine.
you can buy that all over here.

You could ring customs, not immigration, but that should be fine to bring across, you have to declare it though.

Buying it here is way too expensive (4-5 times markup in some cases).

It is possible you’ll have problems with protein. Most protein powders ordered into the country do not pass customs due to issues with the fact they are a dairy product.

Nice, I’ll give them a call.

4-5 times mark up?! That’s insane. Maybe I can bring over just a suitcase full of Biotest supplements and sell them to pay for my expenses!

I know what you are talking about, I am currently living in Austria (Austria—no Kangaroos)

Anyway, I put all my supps in plastic bags, packed them in my luggage, and they came out untouched on my flight from New York to Chicago, and Chicago to Vienna.

A plastic bag full of white powder nestled in my clothes didn’t arouse suspicion–you should be fine.