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Bringing Steroids to Australia from Thailand

im going on holiday for 16 days in thailand. plan to train there and also take a lot of gear… i want to bring some back to continue my cycle and ive heard alot of mixed reports. some people saying post them back, others saying carry a smaller amount on my body or putting in hand luggage or in toiletries bag 3 deep…

has anyone brought them back before and whats the best way? and whats an amount i can bring back that would be classed as personal use and not trafficking…i know uk have a 3 month rule? any help would be great!!

If Aus is as strict as I hear you better get some balloons and do it up prison style.

Ok champ Im from Aus like you and they are strict fuckers lol.
Is your gear in sachets? if not can it be put into sachets? if so do it and post it home.

I would not suggest taking them on board unless you are pouring them out of their amp and into say a perfume bottle that is sterile as all fuck. other wise in discreet packaging in your main bag, you know like in a bottle that says eye liquid or some bogus thing man.

Good luck though bro :slight_smile:

hey bro. thanks for the reply… yeah itll most likely be all liquid and maybe some dinabol…so i was thinking a moisturiser bottle or something like that… ill see how i go when i get there. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t go with the moisterizer man cause if you get some smart prick who wants to be a jerk off he will even go through that! When I done my security course (which I no longer do security by the way lol) we had to do training for air ports too and we had to look through every thing! even pens no bullshit.

If I were you I would pick a product that is the same colour as the gear you have like the liquid and empty it out, boil the package then rinse it with some high grade booze from a pharmacy or what not, then put your gear into it. Because they will not think anything of it if you have a liquid pimple remover or something. Just dont go putting everything in the same kind of container lol, it might look sus.

Good luck bro!

Aussie customs, gotta love to hate em! They are as strict as all hell. I have had my protein powder scanned, on my way back into OZ, from Papua New Guinea and wasn’t allowed to use the john, without a female officer outside the door. I was paronoid enough, when I had nothing on me.
Chris, I know somebody joked about going the prison way, but I know know someone (a woman) who got a good ammount of personal narcotics into the country, using what believe-you-me is a comfier rout. (HA HA! So true!)

Maybe you have a girl, who would do a mate (or a nice wealthy westener) a favour? Thai girls can be extrememly accomodating and I’m not being crass-they could teach us Aussie chicks a thing or 2 about making better tips! I think I’ve said quite enough!:wink:

i love you.

Right back atcha, buddy!:slight_smile: