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Bringing MD6 into Canada

I live in canada and intend on going down to the U.S. to visit family. A main highlight to this trip is that I’ll be able to purchase supplements banned for sale in Canada. I’ve searched and can’t find anything with clarity as to what I’m allowed to import. Anyone know where I can find such 411. I want to bring back MD6 and possibly prohormones (androsol).

For MD6 I would suggest buying it from Renegade Nutrition up here website is http://www.renegadenutrition.com/. They are a distibutor of it for Biotest in Canada. With exchange it is cheaper for us Canucks to buy it from them. As for Andro you can get it up here from Biotest. I have ordered it before with no problems, as long as it is for personal use there won’t be a problem with customs, so just keep you quantites low like I did(3-4 bottles)