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Bringing Loaded Carries Out of the Darkness

Thanks to T Nation I’ve learned about the life changing power of doing loaded carries, they are the staple of my training & I’m stronger/leaner/healthier than ever at age 44. So I figured why not share the wealth? There are countless running groups everywhere, local meet ups and social media groups. I see these poor saps all the time, slogging along with terrible form breaking down their bodies. Oh the madness.

So I started a local group on Facebook for those interested in doing loaded carries, it’s the first of it’s kind far as I can tell. It’s something a grandma or kid can and should do, they just start with a lighter weight than what we meatheads use. There are enough articles on T Nation alone to educate the public about the benefits of walking with heavy stuff.

For years folks have seen me carrying stuff, mostly kettlebells, on trails, at parks, and on the street. Recently I’ve convinced some friends to join me at the park, enough people have seen us that they are asking us what this is all about/expressing interest. If you want to give back and help people than start a local group. As an an example check out Loaded Carries for Fitness- Salisbury, NC on Facebook.


Ha trying to make me do cardio are you? Just because there’s heavy stuff involved don’t think you can fool me. Nice try Satan.

Srsly tho, sounds like a great idea to get people more active. So many questions tho:

How much weight are we talking here?

How far?

What else can we carry? Plates? Each other?

Back Loaded? Front Loaded? Side Loaded? Symmetrical Loading?

Have you ever considered starting a moving company with your army of load carrying minions?

When do you walk these people into a gym so they can lift proper?


If there was this kind of thing in my area I’d get seriously into it.

Especially if tgere were Prowlers

Mmmm prowlers

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No homo bruh