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Bringing Gear from Thailand to Vietnam


Hello. I currently live in HCMC in Vietnam. Test is legal here. You can buy sust250 and deca at pharmacies and it's pretty easy to find. However the deca is 50mg/ml, and they dont have other gear such as tren, dbol. I was planning on flying to Bangkok in a couple of months since it is such a cheap roundtrip flight from here.

I was wondering if anyone had any information on the best way to bring it back? I could theoretically just fly to BKK, and just come back to HCMC via land. That way none of my bags would be searched, and I wouldnt have to worry about any customs or anything. I would prefer to fly though to save time. Any information would help.


Thailand to Vietnam will be fine. You may want to wrap the bottles up in tissue to stop them breaking. One of my first ever posts on this site was a newbie post asking how to use the shit load of gear I brought back from Thailand with me! (cringe...). I was sitting in a bar wrapping up the many indivudual vials and one of the 'cough' girls came over, asked me what I was doing; I did my best to expain and she did them all for me!

Bringing gear from a country where it is legal, into another country where it is legal, is not a problem for you.

If you want to be paranoid check the customs laws, but I'm 100% sure you'll be fine.


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1 rule of comedy: don't hold the audiences hand :slight_smile:

I think that is EXACTLY what he was doing...


thanks for the replies. i'm not 100% sure what is legal here and what isn't. i just know sust/deca are OTC. i was paranoid about bringing in tren or dbols since they aren't sold here. i also think i should be safe too. thanks for the replies


It was a normal bar restaurant, but I think she/he was more than just a waitress :wink: although I didn't put that to the test, no pun intended.


In 2004 I brought 500x 10 mg Dbols for less than $30! If test is legal you'll be fine with Dbol I'm sure.


Don't get jelly!


Did you bring back gear to the UK? Im interested now, I would love to bring gear over here.
I think the law states its legal for personal use but illegal to sell, so bringing over gear could be branded as "intent to sell" and be confiscated with imprisonment or fine.

Give me some good news please lol. I was gonna go to India and rip em off over there and bring over some stuff.


singh i've read that you can bring back up to 3 months worth of personal use. as long as you don't bring back a huge amount of gear, you can probably get away with saying its for personal use and not to sell. it seems ilke it would be ok. dont bring back like 20vials though lol no way someone can do that personally in 3 months.

guess whenever i get my next vacation i'm flying to thailand and picking up some tren/dbol. should be a good year next year


I've done that as well (bring gear back from India) its totally legal (I got clarification by sending a specific email to the talk to frank website admin, who took a couple of days to get back to me) so I don't see any problems. IF you are questioned you just need to clarify that it is all for you-which it will be, won't it? just like all mine was for me.

I can remember proviron tabs costing about 20p each and sustanon being very cheap as well. For some reason test suspension seems to be standard everywhere as well. One pharmacy said they could order whatever I wanted in a couple of days but I jut stuck to a few basics I think. Always ask for generic shit as well, I remember Phitzer viagra being about £10 each and the generics (identical and just as good) costing about 25p.

Have fun and happy shopping! Enjoy spending your money outside rip off Britain for once and getting some fucking value for your money!