Bringing Back Personal Messages?

Let me preface by saying, I wasn’t here for whatever fiasco went down way back when. Idk who did what with whoever, I just missed out on all of that, so I am fully admitting my naivety over why they were taken away.

That being said, I feel like PM’s would be a pretty welcome feature on the forums. Sometimes individuals want to reach out for more personal help that they rather wouldn’t share with the group, or come across friends that they would like to pursue in a more 1 on 1 manner than the forums allows.

There are without question some potential risks to that, but also some serious benefits. I feel like the forum is in a pretty decent spot right now, we have good members, amazing member coaches, and a fair amount of self selection among us to keep things going in a pretty healthy direction. I don’t know if the forum would ever be open to allowing PM’s again, but I would ask the mods to take a look at our current member base and consider if now might be a decent time to re-implement the feature.

I admit I’m saying all of this from removed perspective where I have no liability, so I want it to definitely be known there’s no resentment if there is just no love for my idea, but I thought it worthwhile to bring up.



I concur.

I don’t know the scuttlebutt that caused them to be removed, so I’m uninformed there.

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It’s hard to be married and slide into someone’s DMs when DMs don’t exist.
It’s even harder to get litigious about said adultery when DMs don’t exist.

But I’m on board with Making Private Messaging Great Again. Perhaps with legal disclaimers about T-Nation’s community rules and absolution of responsibility for violations. Also an ability for users to disable this feature.


Maybe a compromise would be some method of users requesting another members personal email details. This can then be approved or not approved by the member if they want to or not want to share. That way people can connect without having to publicly share their email with the wider forum.


oh YES! OR something like a “friend” list on t-nation so that only approved people can actually PM. Like say I want to chat with Bob so I send him a buddy request and if he accepts it then we can private message.


I agree. A way to start it again, is to run a “pilot study” for 1-3 months in order to see how it went. Mods should be able to access and follow conversations - and if inappropriate content or intent is observed the feature will be shut down for these individuals (with a kind referral to other means of communication) - just like the other parts of this forum.


It was catastrophic, and to this day even most OG’s don’t get what actually happened. I think their (TN) legal basically said get rid of it (strictly my opinion), as pictures, personal information, you name it, all was released by said couple.

Husband having an affair with member here, wife being pregnant, finding out, and somehow it’s all the female members fault??

Yeah, was a class move by class people. sarcasm alert Whenever it’s brought up, the person who got harmed is still blamed and called all sorts of dubious things. TONS of folks got banned (include myself here), and her pictures are to this day all over the internet.

Don’t hold your breath, IMO.

Take care.

(And now another reason, no timestamps sucks ass, forum changes are worst ever, replying to a year old thread, ughh)

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