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Bringing Back Natural T Levels

i’m considering my cycle. I have been doing as much research as i can. i have one question that i couldn’t find an answer to.

i know you need to do a PCT after a cycle, in order to bring your natural T levels back to normal but do they go right back or below / above?
How about after several cycles.


Depends on 100,001 factors mate.

However my opinion is this - Recovery becomes harder and longer each time, just by a small degree but a degree that accumulates over time.

As the body’s own Androgen production slowly decreases with age anyway, maybe this difficulty in recovering is just indicative of that fact and is only noticed as you are so much more psychologically connected to your endocrine system (as it relates to testosterone production at least) when you use AAS.

In the short term i would say it depends on how ‘robust’ your own production is and how sensitive it is to the inhibition that is caused by exogenous use.