Bringing Back HGH from Egypt

Hi Guys,

I’m currently on holiday in Egypt and have been trying to source some Cidoteston (Test E), I managed to get my hands on a bit of the stuff but not as much as I wanted. Upon speaking to the guys in the pharmacy (It’s a government chain and reputable) they told me they had HGH in stock. My question is;

Would the un-open Pen last out of the fridge for the 12 hour transfers and flight?

What’s the law on importation for personal use? (It would be in my suitcase.


Can you not put a cold pack in there with it? Supposedly, its pretty fragile.

It did cross my mind, but surely a cold pack would show up on the scanner for my suitcase? Making it more likely for it to be checked. I did consider shopping around for a cool bag and ice pack though. The only trouble is that my hotel room only has a fridge not a freezer.

Thanks for the reply!

Can you get just the powder in vials and not a pen? That would survive the trip better

Don’t believe so mate, the only ones he had was the Pens, will go back and ask about the powder. Any idea on the laws of bringing it back to England for personal use? Ik with the Test it’s G2G.

Sorry brother. I’m a Yank :joy: and get mine thru a UGL.

Forgive my ignorance, but don’t Egypt have Sharia Law? What are their laws on being in possession of drugs? Illegal or not (I appreciate you’ll be getting it OTC).

Is it really worth the hassle for one hgh pen?

Egypt have strict law on drugs but test and HGH aren’t really classified as drugs, they’re more medication. It would be Multiple Pens Seek.

Also when you get to customs, apparently if you slip them a few ££ they will let you through.

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That’s more understandable.

Don’t do this. Regardless if it’s true or not bribing customs officials isn’t a good idea especially if you happen to get the wrong person.

If it’s a major price difference between Egypt and England and the amount of pens that your bringing back allows you to justify the possibility of gettng caught and whatever can come along with that I still would suggest not doing it.

Steroids are legal to possess in Egypt though, not sure about the HGH though. Iv already stocked up on the Test here.

I’d rather pay the extra in England than risk being stoned to death :joy:

Are they legal to possess in England where you plan on brining them back to?

Im sure there is different regulations everywhere but my understanding is with international travel customs is generally a two way street. So you will go thru leaving Egypt and arriving in England. I could be wrong iv never been to either place.

My overall point is make sure to weigh the risk/reward of your actions.

Yeah they’re legal to possess providing it is for personal use, however it is illegal to sell or manufacture them. So they’re legal to possess on both ends, and Yeah I understand. It was more the HGH I was unsure about in regards to the law, hence asking the legality.