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Bringing back Grow! Bars

With the direct selling of many Biotest products, there is now room for the re-releasing of Grow! bars. I personally have never found a comparable bar anywhere in the market, and was so disappointed when they were discontinued. I was told by a Biotest rep that they didn’t want to compete with Detour bars, and wanted to keep focused on the main market of pro-hormones and the like. Biotest has recently increased its profit margins, and if there is enough demand, they may consider bringing Grow! bars back to us.

This is our forum, and they are listening. Profitability isn’t such a fine line anymore, so let me hear everybody! Do we want our Grow! bars back?

I vote a resounding hell yeah.

I know I want them back, every other bar on the market is full of soy protein and a butt load of sugar. Please bring them back Biotest, I’m begging you. :slight_smile:

The hell yeah echo’s in Oregon. Bring em back baby!

I’ve been thinking about this for the last few days. Please bring’em back! It would be so nice to have a legitamate protein bar.

Canada wants them back too !

Definitely, and with more flavors!

Absolutely. There’s nothing else out there that I trust.

I don’t usually like bars, but I would eat grow bars.

I vote hell yeah too.

why were they taken out in the first place?

Grow Protein bars!! Grow Protein baaars!! GROW PROTEIN BAAARS!!!

I would love to switch from my current bars I buy to grow bars.

I bet most people here buy protien bars anyways and would swith to grow bars if they were available.


I’d buy 'em.

This one is about as simple as they get. HELL YES!!! Since I don’t use anyone else’s products anymore I would very much appreciate Biotest getting back on the Grow Bar bandwagon again. I need convenience AND quality guys. Bring them back. Puhleez!

abso-friggin-lutely bring em back

i would buy them

Ummm… hmmm… tough one… Gimme a second… HE$#(& F@#(&# G##)*% YES!!! This’ll mark the end of carrying around a GROW! shake and almost feeling obligated to let everyone in my Org Chm II class try it. I mean I can understand that t-vixen that sits behind me massaging my shoulders, but that dorky ass kid who sits in front eating cheetos all day complaining about how he’s a ‘hard gainer.’ I mean, I kinda feel sorry for the guy, ya know? I tried that Cheeto diet too, unfortunately it made me fat, looks like it’s working for him, he’s still skinny.

Why do you, Biotest, have to make GROW! taste good even for kids like that to like? Why? haha… With GROW! bars Ms. T-Vixen and I can surely find some interesting ways to share it and cut out the middle man at the same time… If you bring them back, I’ll even take a picture of her in her cheerleading shorts doing lying leg curls and post it… Whudduh yuh think 'bout dat???


knowing now that all the others bars out there are shite, hell yeah from all the way in the England!!!