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Bringing AAS to UK from Thailand via Dubai

Evening all!

Looking for anyone who has brought back AAS from Thailand to the UK via Dubai Airport for personal use.

How much did you take back? Understand it’s a bit of a grey area as far as how much and people say 3 months worth.

Main concern would be getting stopped whilst bag is being transferred onto my connecting flight from Dubai to UK whilst I’m in transit.

Anyone know how easy it would be to obtain a prescription for my gear once in Thailand as this would ease my worry carrying it as it wouldn’t be against UAE laws then.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I suspect many Thai doctors would give you a script for $. From what I know you don’t need one in Thailand, to buy steroids. You just walk into to a pharmacy and buy whatever you want.

Better off getting your stuff from home. Lots of variables and risks this way. What’s the benefit to you?

Yeah. Steroid Holidays are best holidays

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I would also check your home countries laws. It might not be an offence to be in possession of steroids, but it might be a crime to import them, even with a script.

From UK so it’s legal to bring enough for personal use (3 months worth) specifically looking for replies from people who took gear back home from Thailand to UK via a connecting flight at Dubai and their experience in doing so.


The script is more for going through Dubai airport as it’s illegal to carry prescription meds’ without a prescription.

Why not just ship it? A good friend of mine gets all his stuff via mail. I generally tell him no dont do that steriods are bad but he doesnt listen.

Assuming a checked bag, I didn’t think they bothered checking as each airport trusts each other but this is the new world…

Looking for people who have passed through Dubai onto a connecting flight with ASS in their checked baggage. Any hassle? Looking to take the allowed 3 months worth home from Thailand to the UK. Passing through Dubai and the law there states you need prescriptions for all medication.

Anyone know how easy it would be to get a Thai doctor to write me a prescription for Test E, Dbol, Var, AI and PCT? Everything has a price there right? My thinking is if I can get the prescription then even if I’m stopped in Dubai it’s all above board.


Get in here lads, we got ourselves a smuggler! It’s always tough to find a guy who is keen to hide gear in their arse cavity, but looks like this is a winner!

I’m getting a cut this time though, it’s not going down like the Chilean Job.

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I wouldn’t risk it, dude. Arab countries aren’t exactly known for their leniency.

If you’re in the UK the shit is so easy to get anyway that I just don’t see why you’d bother.

I don’t think it’s worth the risk tbh…Arab countries are super-crazy-strict about this kinda thing.

I’m out. Mess with these peeps and next thing you know you got a fatwa pronouncing your death sentence.

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Do you even social commentary through humor/comedy?

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It’s all fun and games till you’re rushed to hospital with a bleeding anus

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OP I wouldn’t bother I’m a diabetic and I always get stopped there and have to produce a signed letter from my doctor and they check my shit thoroughly (make sure details match up)
That said I do need to take it on board because you know, could die

Die from loss of gains more like