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Bringin The Ruckus

After several months of real training I’ve decided to start a log to record my progress. I’m training for strength and size at the moment, on a 5 day split:

Mon - heavy upper
Tues - heavy lower
Wed - HIIT
Thurs - Chest/Back
Fri - Legs
Sat - Shoulders/Arms

My newb gains aren’t coming as easily anymore, and I’m on the road to the “next level.”

My current stats:
Bench - 185
Squat - 255
Dead - 315

I’m battling a plateau I’ve been hitting for the last 2 or 3 weeks now. I’m going to work on really GOOD form instead of just focusing on numbers, but I will push through this plateau.

I’m 6 foot 2 and weighed in at 184.5 this morning.

My short term goals:
Bench - 225
Squat - 315
Dead - 405

I want to hit these numbers, with proper form/strict, within a few months.

1-17 - Upper Strength

  1. Incline BB Bench
    Bar X 15
    95 X 6
    115 X 6
    135 X 6
    155 X 3
    185 X 3
    135 X 6

  2. BB Row From Rack
    135 X 8
    155 x 8
    185 X 8
    205 X 5
    225 X 5
    245 X 3
    135 X 6

  3. Flat BB Bench
    Bar X 15
    95 X 6
    115 X 6
    135 X 6
    155 X 3
    185 X 3
    135 X 5

  4. Chin Up
    BW X 15
    BW+10 X 3
    BW+15 X 3
    BW+20 X 3
    BW X 2

  5. DB Curl
    37.5’s X 8
    42.5’s X 6
    47.5’s X 5
    50’s X 2

  6. OH Tricep Rope Push
    150 X 5 X 4

1 - 18 - Lower Strength

  1. Back Squats
    Bar X 5
    135 X 5
    185 X 5
    205 X 5
    225 X 3
    245 X 1.5 (spotter had to help me out on the way up)
    135 X 5

  2. Deadlift
    225 X 5
    275 X 5
    295 X 5
    315 X 3
    335 X 2
    345 Fail

  3. Leg Curl (Slow Negative)
    225 X 5
    240 X 5
    255 X 5

  4. Stiff Leg DL
    135 X 5
    155 X 5 X 2

  5. Seated Calf Machine
    3 PPS - 10 reps, 9 sets (10 sec rest b/w sets, feet at different angles every 3 sets)

My lower back has been slightly sore for the past few days, especially when i wake up, but lifting actually makes the pain go away, at least temporarily…Hopefully it’s just muscle ache and not an injury.

My diet as of late has been high fat/low carb. I want to slowly gain strength/size with minimal fat gain.

A typical day:
Meal 1 - shake (1 scoop whey, 1 serving almonds, 2 tbsp flax meal, 2 tbsp EVOO); Fist Oil X 2, Multi Vitamin

Meal 2 - 5 whole eggs, 1 tbsp EVOO, 1 slice cheese; Fish oil x 2

Workout - pre: 10g glutamine, 10g BCAA, during: 10 g BCAA, post: 10g glutamine, 10g BCAA, 1 scoop whey

Meal 3 - Salad (lettuce, beef patty, 2 tbsp ranch, 1 slice cheese); Fish oil X 2

Meal 4 - same as meal 2; Fish Oil X 2

Meal 5 - 2 turkey burgers, 2 slices cheese, green beans; Fish Oil X 2

Meal 6 - huge bag sunflower seeds

Total: 3,515 cal, 25.5g CHO, 253g fat, 230g pro

If you want beef, then…

Chi Town, i don’t get it lol

[quote]hlss09 wrote:
Chi Town, i don’t get it lol [/quote]

I thought surely the title of your log was a tribute to the timeless classic Wu-tang clan ain’t nothin’ ta fuck with.

Haha, its a reference to lyon from curb your enthusiasm

[quote]hlss09 wrote:
Haha, its a reference to lyon from curb your enthusiasm[/quote]

Then I’m half right because I’m sure lyon is a fan of the WU!

haha most likely

1 - 18 - HIIT

25 minutes total:

3 min warm up jog - 6.4mph, 1.0 incline
18 min sprint/jog, (sprints 11.2 - 12.0 mph; jog - 6.4 mph) - 30 sec sprint, 90 sec jog
3 min warm down incline walk

Sprinting is HARD, but I like to keep some semblance of conditioning, even during a mass/bulk phase. Before I started lifting I ran a half marathon, but now I do HIIT once, tops twice a week. Solid session, I was dripping sweat afterwards, and I pounded BCAAs and Glutamine powder before, during and after.

So, I know that I just started this log, but after some collaboration with my friend Bricknyce, I’m going to try a different split for 4 weeks and assess my progress. My new template:

Mon - Chest/Back
Tues - HIIT
Wed - Arms
Thurs - Legs
Fri - Rest/Active Recovery
Sat - Shoulders
Sun - Rest

I’m going to stick to higher reps, 6-12 range, in order to add some size/thickness. I anticipate bigger clothes in my future…This is an expensive hobby…lol

1 - 20 - ARMS

Today was the start of my new training routine. I’m still playing around with training, but no matter what routine I follow, the one common factor is that I bust my ass all the way. My new training will incorporate a lot of supersets and training will usually take 45 mins to an hour. During the supersets, I’ll do one set of A1, rest 45 seconds, then go into A2, then repeat, etc…Here is today’s work:

A!) Standing BB Curl - 85 X 8, 90 X 8, 95 X 7, 95 X 6
A2) Close Grip Bench - 95 X 8, 115 X 8, 135 X 7, 145 X 7

B1) Hammer Curl - 40 X 10, 42.5’s X 10, 45’s X 10, 47.5’s X 10
B2) Skull Crusher - 90 X 10, 90 X 9, 80 X 10, 80 X 10

C1) Concentration Curl - 20 X 12, 25 X 12, 30 X 12
C2) Cable Pushdown - 120 X 12, 140 X 12, 150 X 12

1 - 21 - Active Recovery

For active recovery today I did a light jog.
1.5 miles in 15 minutes, slow and boring…
Before, during and after I sipped on BCAA and Glutamine powder to fight catabolism.

On a side note, all my clothes are getting tighter…I’m about to go through all my shirts, pants, etc…and donate a bunch of shit to Goodwill because there’s no way I’m going to be rocking a size medium white T any time soon…lol

1 - 22 - SHOULDERS

A) Hang Cleans - 135 X 7, 135 X 6, 135 X 6, 125 X 8

B) Seated DB Press - 40’s X 10, 50’s X 10, 60’s X 10, 70’s X 8 (had a spotter, he did a lot of the work…a little too heavy)

C1) Seated Side Lat Raise - 15’s X 12 reps X 4 sets
C2) Rear Delt Machine - 105 X 8 reps X 4 sets

D) Front BB Raise - Bar X 12, 50 X 12, 55 X 10 PR

The seated db press was interesting. The 60’s flew up easily, so I tried to hit 70’s, which wasn’t so easy…Next week I’ll re-try the 70’s and get them up! Good, solid session. Now off to work…
In terms of nutrition, today was my “high carb meal” day. I do a modified Anabolic Diet, where I eat a high carb meal once/week instead of a high carb weekend. Today’s intake:

Meal 1 - 6 eggs, 1 tbsp EVOO, 1 slice cheese

Meal 2 - Workout - BCAA’s and Glutamine pre, during, and post + 1 scoop Whey

Meal 3 - Salad (Lettuce, beef burger, 1 slice cheese, 2 tbsp Ranch)

Meal 4 - Shake (1 scoop whey, almonds, 2 TBSP flax meal, 2 tbsp EVOO

Meal 5 - 2 cups oats, 3/4 cup blueberries, 1 scoop Metabolic Drive, 2 large apples

Meal 6 - huge bag sunflower seeds

Meal 7 - 8 eggs

Total - 4,100 cals / 187g CHO / 250g fat / 250g protein

Meal 5 was glorious. I’ve decided to keep my carb ups clean, unless I’m doing something special, or I’m with someone special, etc…but I’m just sitting around, so I just grabbed some oats and apples and am calling it a night.

1 - 23 - Total Rest/Pulse Fast

I’m starting to like the pulse fast. It’s a nice break from the monotony of the same 5 meals a day, 6 times a week. I also like that I can eat more during the week without getting sloppy, b/c come sunday, I’ll be fasting. My co-workers all think I’m insane for not eating, and sometimes I do to. Lol. It’s definitely getting easier not to eat though, and I’m thinking that IF/pulse feasting might be the way to go come cutting season. Anyway, I am really trying to give this bulk my all, and I am glad to have this site. Guys like DixiesFinest, Chi-Town, Bricknyce, the Mighty Stu and Hungry4More have been a HUGE inspiration. They’ve listened to my BS, they’ve set me straight, and they always respond to PM’s in a timely fashion! I am so glad I discovered T Nation, because where else can you go to get free advice from people who walk the walk? Bodybuilding.com? I don’t think so lol.

I’m definately glad to have BBing in my life right now. I am about to start school again tomorrow, I’m working part time, I’m applying to universities as a transfer student, and I’m trying to be social, but my number one hobby is lifting. I can’t get enough. LOL. Rest days suck, and I am excited to try out everything out there. Maybe that’s my problem - I can’t stick to anything…Anyway, I’m going to hit the weights HARD tomorrow for chest/back, and I hope you guys all have a great week!

Pic of me flexed and pumped

1/24 - Chest/Back

First of all, I weigh myself every Monday after my pulse fast on Sunday. I weigh myself first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. Last week I was 184.5, this week I’m 186.5 (+2 pounds). I think this is a good rate of gain. 2 pounds a week means that my diet is providing me with enough calories to gain a sufficient amount of muscle with minimal fat.

I’m going to stick to my current diet plan until progress stalls in either weight gain or strength gain, but for the time being I see no need to change my diet. I will admit, however, that when I did my carb up on Saturday, I came home late at night, ate an 8 egg omelet, then about a 1/2 pound of almonds, lol! But, such is life…Anyway, here is today’s workout:

A1) Decline BB Bench - Bar X 20, 95 X 8, 135 X 8, 155 X 8, 175 X 3 full reps, 5 “half reps,” then dropset into 135 X 6
A2) Bent Over BB Row - 135 X 8, 155 X 8, 185 X 8, 195 X 8

B1) Incline BB Bench - 95 X 10, 105 X 10, 115 X 10, 155 X 8 (spotter helped a bit on last few reps)
B2) One Arm DB Row - 50 X 10, 60 X 10, 70 X 10

C1) Flyes - 37.5’s X 12, 40’s X 9, 40’s X 8
C2) Seated Cable Row - 130 X 12, 140 X 10, 140 X 10

D) Standing Calf Raise - 335 X 8, 355 X 8, 355 X 8, 355 X 8

Notes: Solid training session! I really like decline bench, which I’ve only done a handful of times ever. I want to foucs on getting my chest up to speed with the rest of my body, as it is my weakest link. Flyes felt good, but I noticed my shoulders and arms doing a lot of the work. Need to focus on chest isolation more next time.

In terms of calf training, I talked to the Mighty Stu, and he told me that he “divides and conquers” his calves. He splits gastroc and soleus work, and therefore I’m following in his footsteps! I’m going to try to upload some pics, but my computer/T Nation doesn’t seem to want to let me. Time to drink a shake, shower, then head off to the first class of a new semester. Have a good week and train hard.