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Bring The Pain

Anyone doing or has donw the “Bring The Pain” - upper body, by Ian King. It seems like all the posts for it are from whne it came out in 2001 and 2002. Are the methods he uses obsolete? Is there a better way to go for upper body hypertrophy these days?

Waterbury and hypertrophy are often used in the same sentence.

I used the “Bring the Pain” programs back then, along with Ian King’s arm specialization routine (not at the same time mind you). I found them to be good at bringing the pain, but did little for my strength. There’s a lot of slow negatives and supersets, trisets, giantsets, dropsets, and the like. I increased in size while I was doing the routine, but my strength suffered significantly.

And on the arms routine, I gained approximately an inch and a half, but as soon as I went back to a more balance routine, I lost most of that and only kept what I could’ve gained by doing heavy compound exercises with some arm isolation thrown in for good measure.

If I were to recommend the Ian King programs to anyone, it would be to a beginner. There’s a lot of focus on form and I think the slow tempos may help a beginner learn to lift correctly and activate the right muscles and all that. That’s been my experience, anyway.