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Bring the Pain, twice a day ?

I was looking into Ian Kings “Bring the pain” series and an idea came. What if I would split the workout into two sessions a day instead of a single workout ? Reasons for this: A. Two sessions would give me two postworkout shakes (state where insulin sensitivity is high). Even on “massive eating” plan I would be getting all of my daily carbs witin 1,5 hours after workouts. The late Dan duchaine wrote about this in muscle media. B. West-side guys already sometimes do their abs in a seperate workout. C. In Kraemer & flecks “designing resistance training programs” it stated that when divided into two seperate workouts, the same volume was more productive than a single workout. D. King stated that the muscle group trained first in a workout develops best.

i would stay with two days, unless u r in a hurry for some leg mass, but what do u have to lose if u do? maybe 6 weeks?

Id give it a shot. Your logic is sound (nutritionally) and as long as you realize that 1) training is a physiological stressor and 2) that if you train too hard (i.e. too much volume or intensity) during these sessions you will overtrain, this should be a good plan. Just up the cals appropriately (this may take some experimentation).

I divide the King SS series into twice daily, twice weekly workouts and am very happy with the results. I usually do push in the morning and pull in the afternoon. I find I have more available strength this way to increase the intensity. However, King did mention in his book. “Get Buffed” that he does not believe in twice daily workouts. However, this seems to work best for me and I do have the time and equipment at home to do it. Going to a gym twice a day would be counterproductive, time wise, in my opinion. Also, some workouts, such as King’s Limping series, are not condicive to being split.

I asked Ian this past weekend at the Get Buffed seminar if there was a benefit to splitting up a workout for the reason you cited. He felt that splitting exactly in half may not be optimal. He thought you should do a little less than half per workout if you split it up. He didn’t get to elaborate further on why though.

Definitly give it a try. Poliquin also wrote about splitting up into twice daily workouts (that’s where I first read about it) but don’t do it for too long, as this type of split in general, and Ian King workouts specifically, are very taxing on the nervous system.

if the volume is the same, it is actually less taxing on the body. Just remember to keep the volume similar or the same. Yes along with kraemer and fleck, Zatsiorsky in Science and Practice, wrote the same thing.