Bring the Balls Back...

My uncle has been on HRT for about 4 years, app 250 Test every 10 days. Now he have a new girlfriend who’s making remarks about his nonexisting gonads!! He’s a bit pissed off and want the “boys” back to their original size.

The question is: What is the best/quickest way? I would think Nolvadex but at what dose? He’s continuing the HRT.

Maybe I should add that he’s living in Thailand so he’s doing it all on his own. No Doc to ask.

HCG for the short term, clomid for probably at least 3 months. I would try 2500u 2x per week with 100 mg clomid per day for the first month, then just 50 mg clomid for the next few months. After 4 years this is probably the minimum.

Sorry to tell you but, he has to get off of the test before his boys will come back.
Nolva along with a test booster would be best in my opion. Heck he might not even need the test after little bit. See if you can get him to start Clomid and Nolva together. 200mg and 100mg respectively for the first week and then taper it down over about 4 weeks till he can keep it at 20mg nolva ed and have him start up Alpha Male or something comparable at the full dose or that for atleast 6 weeks. After a while he could possibly just take Alpha Male and M instead of the test.
Good luck to him.

Pitt gave good advice. On perhaps a less practical note Igf-1 also seems to be good for bringing them back to size.

Also keep in mind that the question was not “how do restore T production” it was merely a question of cosmetics. Some chics apparently don’t like sucking on raisinettes :slight_smile:

HCG will restore a great deal of size, and the clomid will support that while blocking many of the E sides from HCG use-as well as increasing “load”. He may have to use a 1000 1xwk “maintenence” dose since it does not sound like he is coming off. HRT usually implies that he is incapable of producing enough naturally-and after 4 years it is a certainty. If he was going to come off after that long he would need to consult someone that can perform blood tests and had a lot of experience with this extent of shutdown.

If your uncle is on a perscription for HRT from his doctor, then he should go back to his doctor for advice regarding his… balls.

I don’t think his doctor would be too happy if he illegally got some HCG or Clomid before consulting him.

[quote]pitt wrote:
Also keep in mind that the question was not “how do restore T production” it was merely a question of cosmetics. Some chics apparently don’t like sucking on raisinettes :)[/quote]

Well the question might not have been that but, the reason your testes shrink while your “on” is because exogenious test makes your testes not need to produce test. Correct me if I am wrong but, if you stay on you still will not return to normal production there for, your testes will not return to the size of someone with working nuts.


Legality isn’t a problem. We live in Thailand so all AAS are OTC;-)

Thanks for all info, I’ll pass it on.

Don’t know if it make any difference but he’ll turn 70 in August. And the bastard has more girlfrinde than me!

If he is so worried about the size of his gonads, get silicone ones put in. Make them extra-large - plum size, and no girl will ever complain again.

I agree with P22.

I mean, woman can get silicone implants for their breasts, why can’t a guy get silicone for his nuts. He’ll be the talk of the town if he gets the plum sized ones :slight_smile:


HCG is kind of like a sledgehammer approach. Your nuts don’t produce test thanks to a negative feedback loop. In this case he was not producing enough LH to begin with, and after this long he is completely desensitized to it anyway. Your reasoning is correct, but in practice it turns out a little differently. You can take HCG while “on” and you will indeed produce test from your own balls-but only with help. And the clomid will slow the decline back to raisin status, not to mention it will help health wise in other areas. That is why I mentioned a maintenence dose of HCG. It ain’t a perfect solution, but without the “implants” it is about the best he can do.

So if HCG will do such a good job of jump starting his boys why not use it to get him off of his super minimal dose of test and get his natural production booming.
Forgive my ignorance and persistance.

Because he is not producing / sensitive to LH in any significant way. According to William Llewellyn when coming off a “normal cycle” it only takes about 3 weeks for the body to begin to ramp up LH production. But as anyone who has done a few cycles knows, the crash is much longer without help. Think of LH as knocking on a door, and HCG like a battering ram. The ram will get a much faster response, but the door will only take so much. Eventually your body will become desensitized-in fact that is the reason you are supposed to use HCG while “on” towards the end to get your boys back into working order, but if used to much you are seriously screwed.

Also try this-take 5000 u of HCG Without any anti-e’s. Please forward all pictures to HCG has some very nasty E sides. Used Correctly it is a powerful, usefull tool-take it wrong and the sides outway the benefits.

I also think you missed the original question-or at least the follow up. He is 70. There is a reason he is on HRT-not a rec cycle. Taking an herbal supplement (even as awesome a one as Biotest makes) would be wholly inadequate. Besides if he is in Thailand I would never come of the T. When they say “me love you long time” they ain’t joking. Give me half a gram of test per week and some cialis and call the funeral director, just tell him to leave that goofy grin alone-I EARNED IT!

Pitt, sounds you’ve been to Thailand :wink:

Miss it, don’t you?

Nah bro I understood the question and explained my logic behind the answer. I also understand HCG, its uses, and it possible sides. I was just really being kind of nieave and hoping that there was no such thing as a point of no return for your balls.
Thanks for the education all the same and I hope our little chat answered the question.