Bring Out Your Fuel Efficient Vehicles

So what do guys plan to do to save fuel costs? I have tuned up my car (always keep it tuned) and it has been getting a steady 50-75 miles more per tank full then before. Things like throttle bodies and intakes cleaned, PVC’s replaced, new plugs , filters and only Redline synthetic oils in all drive components (including the tranny and diff’s) made a real difference.

Aside from that My motorcycle with it’s 50mpg while still getting 0-60 in under 3 seconds is still fun. Well more like 30mpg is you ride it like you stole it, but still plenty of fun and now it’s actually economical.

[quote]Gregus wrote:
So what do guys plan to do to save fuel costs?[/quote]

So how’s that Hummer?

I have a Scion xA, 38 mpg on the highway. I try to make sure my tires are inflated properly, I use fuel line cleaner and check my air filter.

I always laugh when I see an H2 go flying by me, doing 85. I could jam on my parking brake and still get better gas mileage than him!

Fucking sucks. But it’s a company vehichle so it does not really matter. Daily drivers it is.

My Specialized Sirrus Pro gets around 40mpg of water. Up to 50-60 mpg if I mix in some Gatorade and a Clif bar.

Unfortunately winter is coming up, and my Dodge 1500 only gets around 15. Sucks.

Well, it’s only incidental, but I’m planning on moving close enough to work this fall that I can walk every day.

The real reason is that I hate having to scrape the snow and ice off the damned windshield in the morning, but if I save money on hyperexpensive gas at the same time, well that’s just a bonus.

Besides, if you include methane, I’ll be a net gas producer…