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Bring It Back !!

Hey T-folk…I have been reading the protein bar poll, over and over, and though if I started a “BRING BACK GROW BAR” post biotest would see how much interest there really is…hope it works…

So heres my post:

Bring back the grow bar

no wonder biotest dropped the grow bar…customers can’t even post that they are interested, very said! I don;t think my vote will be enough to encourage biotest to bring back the grow bar.

Cappx, when you get a chance, read the back issues and you will see why they were cancelled. There may have been a high demand on this site for them, I for one loved the lemon, but it was hard to crack the over saturated retail market. It is not that the members or Biotest does not care, rather it is a business and it needs to be run as such.

marinersfan, I understand what you are saying, business is business. I have read back issues over and over, I am on t-mag everyday even though I do not post that often. Just thought I would take a shot at having everyone who was interested chime in so biotest could see that there is a demand for their quality product in the glorified candy bar market. We can only hope and wait…

People want layered candy bars. Period. You can’t make money being honest in the protein bar game.

Davo hit the nail on the head. Sure I’d buy Grow Bars in a New York minute. Biotest is in business to turn a profit, and I think that’s great - they put up this web site for free. I think they would be happy just to break even on them. Unfortunately, its a very competitive market for bars and the general public buys the stuff that tastes like candy.

Well, I had to chime in. I, too miss Grow! Bars. I had this post’s very conversation with TC.

In fact, my nutty schedule was basically made possible by them. Now I risk spoiled shakes spilling in the bloody car (the smell is eternal) or have to tote separate water and powder. (Okay, aside from foods like canned tuna). And I never did get my chance to try the blueberry variety.

A year or two ago I wrote some articles called “Bogus Bars”, which just furthered my disdain of what’s available. I bought a dozen or so bars and reviewed their ingredients list (because as we know those “grams of protein” on the Nutrition Facts label mean little if from a worthless source.) Ah, those first few ingredients… suspicious terms like “hydrolyzed protein” (meaning what?), “gelatin” (you mean Jello?!), and “hydrolyzed bovine collagen” (i.e. cow horns and hooves?). Nobody’s getting huge on Jell-o and pork rinds. (At least this latter stuff fairly states “not a significant source of protein”.)

But alas, as you’ve all pointed out: business is not maintained by a few repeat customers.

Okay, time to go prepare my separate bottles of water and powder for the day…


I loved the Peanut Butter and Chocolate ones, but now I don’t eat any protein bars. Would certainly buy more were they to reappear.

I loved them too, but we can’t expect them to lose money to make us happy. I know the label claims on the Tri-o-plex bars come out as we all hoped, but I still love them for the fact that there is not a bunch of hydrolyzed junk and extra vitamins - the shorter the list of ingrediant the better in my opinion.

If there was only a way to get the American buying public to realize that you get what you pay for. If you would like to eat something that either tastes like cardboard or has different percentages then the label reads, then the current protein bar market is for you. If you want a honest to label, good tasting, and somewhat cost effective bar, then find a way to bring back the Grow! bars.

Sadly, most people would much rather have the cardboard tasting, half-truth telling, candy (err… protein) bar.


Yes, and most people are overweight (67%. And most people are in debt. And most people are confused. Enough said. The Grow Bar is too good for the typical American consumer, sad but true!

wish i could make homemade grow bars, now that would be awesome

maybe biotest will sell the receipe instead of the bar…lol