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Bring in the Pain

Has anyone tried out Ian King’s bring in the Pain. I was looking into giving it a shoot in a few weeks…just wondering what everyone’s oppinions are on it and what kind of results you saw from it. thanks


Hetyey225, you and your negativism are the joke.I am in the middle of the 12 weeks to super strength and the limping programs. They are awesome. You really start to see the benefits about half way through.

Avid Roids…thats what i wanted to hear. i have been debating for sometime to do it or not. it just seems rather unconventional…but cool…i think i will start putting together a routine today.

I completed the Get Buffed program and reached personal bests in all my lifts. The routine is a bit unconventional, and you will look like and feel like a weakling in the beginning stages. So if you like to “lift to impress,” I wouldn’t try it. Don’t start it unless you are committed to finishing the 12 weeks. If your diet is in order, you should make great gains and learn some cool training techniques to boot.

The first part of the limping series involves unilateral bodyweight (or very light weight) exercises, and makes you feel like a pansy in the gym. However, I sucked it up and did it, and quite honestly could tell something was working. My muscles became more balanced out, and when it came time to move some weight about halfway through the routine, I set personal bests. Not only did my strength go up, breaking through a plateau I’d been on for awhile, but my hamstrings got so big my smaller fitting dress shorts became to small to wear in public! However, this could have been a little muscle memory going on since I was coming back from a layoff because of back problems. The strenght gain was still an all time PB (by 10 pounds) so it definitelygenerated some results. Try it out, and post your results. Good Luck!

Sped, go for it. It’s an awesome program(well so far, as I’ve just finished the third week). Last year I completed the limping program and my strength went through the roof. As for size, my diet was rather shite at the time…