Bring Back the Over 35 Lifter

I am an over 35 lifter. There are many of us out there. I used to get quality, seasoned information from others like me regarding hormonal changes, joint problems etc. that men experience as they age. It seems now that I am left with adolescent, chest thumping as my source of wisdom.

All of you who want “The Over 35 Lifter” back-make a post. We will blow them away with sheer numbers and perhaps the changes will be re-considered.

I would also like to see articles written for the over 35 lifter.

I agree. If people dont want to see it, they can customize their page so they dont see it.

Yes, please bring it back.

20 years old, here, but very interested in a comeback. At the very least, I’d like to know why it was taken away to begin with. Its removal has me confused. An ageing body should be among the foremost concerns of any weightlifter, and we children could benefit from going there, keeping our mouths shut and listening to the elders offer wisdom.

me too BRING IT BACK!!!1

I’m a young guy as well but alot of the information on there was interesting and I enjoyed looking around every once and while. I take a lot of the tips regarding staying healthy and lifting smart at a young age into account in my everyday lifting.

Bring it back.

I’d like to see it brought back too.

Heck, I’d like to see an “over 50” forum too.

There are lots of us ‘baby boomers’ interested in staying in shape, and we have disposable income (hint hint)!

Women age too! A return of the forum would be great.

Thank you

only post if i feel i can contribute. Yes thx

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
I would also like to see articles written for the over 35 lifter.[/quote]

I’m not over 35, but I don’t like to see Zap sad or feel left out. Therefore, I would like to bring it back also…for Zap.

At 51 I feel lost in the new structure. Bodybuilder, me? Strength Sports, OK but there is no way I will go competitive. I just want to talk about the joy of lifting heavy stuff with fellow geriatrics(, although I would prefer if 80% of threads were NOT about hormone replacement therapy).


42 was a good age, mastering the meaning of life and all, now at 43 I feel somewhat lost. Maybe the forum could help me.

I like to pretend I am young, however, bring it back, we need it

now where’s me walker I’m goin’ shoppin

Do it!!!

I also haven’t seen an article written for us old guys since they took it down. Maybe I missed it.

Please bring it back. I’m 36, can’t do what I could when I was 16, or 26, and I miss the Over 35 forum. I was surprised when it went away.

Always focused on reading the posts in the “Over 35 Lifter” thread. Enjoy reading all the various threads, and have provided constructive comments when beneficial. But my interest falls primarily with those training benefits and concerns relating to my peers. So count me in on bringing back the “Over 35 Lifter” thread.

Best regards.

Bring it!

I’ve seen photos of many of the over-35 here and they nowhere look 35, they look so much younger! Here’s to training keeping people young and healthy!

Time for me to chime in.

The over 35 forum was the best TRT board that I had found. I think the reason is that many of the participants have BB knowledge of hormones, diet and training - dedication and discipline.

“Outsiders” learn from the BB veterans and some outsiders bring in fresh perspectives and knowledge. It was a great synergy. There were many hardcore BB guys who came over and contributed to the TRT threads because they are inherently interested in such things.

While many of the BB guys are well informed about gear, they want to know more about how various hormone systems work. The TRT guys are motivated to understand this and as we help each other out, there is a lot of good discussion going on.

As the expression goes, you don’t know what you have 'til its [gone|broken]. When hormones stop, there is a real need to understand how things work and how to fix or replace things as needed. Sometimes TRT does not work right and guys need help with what they are doing or need to to be encourage to find a Doctor who knows how to do things right.

And I have been contacted a few times by young guys who have had botched cycles/PCT and were seeking help from the older guys who might be able to help them out.

The older TRT guys learned from the BB guys and the other way around. This board has many good qualities that benefit all. It is adult and mature. Something that is hard to find on the web. We all get tired of sites that look and feel like they were designed for kiddies. Above all, there was a critical mass of guys willing and able to help each other.

There is a question of whether TRT belongs on this site. There are BB guys here, who now post mostly on the steroids forum, that find that their T levels have crashed. Do they need to go someplace else for a good forum environment? Yes, they can post on the steroid forum, but there is not the same critical mass to sustain activity. the over 35 forum worked.

Many young guys seeking understanding of gear also read the TRT postings as these offer a different perspective on how hormones work and can be used. This can be important as an alternative to the BB posts that promote the value of 500mg/wk.

And there were many aspects of the over 35 forum that were not TRT related that dealt with the problems of older lifters, changing dietary requirements, injury, healing and recovery. They all felt comfortable posting about their problems and experiences there; where they might feel out of place posting on the BB forum about their aging bodies.

Yes this site is a business or it would not be here at all. Many of the older guys who are not on gear or TRT are looking for supplements to increase their T levels. They are an important market segment. They are a richer group, from a marketing perspective, for such supplements than the hard core body builders who are on gear, not T boosting supplements.