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Bring Back the Draft


One way to reduce all the unemployment and achieve our objectives in Afghanistan would be to bring this back. I know some of the Dems in Congress have thought of this.

With a larger armed forces, we could also deal with Venezuela, and they have oil!! In fact, I don't see why were in an unwinnable situation now (Afghanistan) when we COULD be getting cheap oil in Venezuela. I'm sure a 'new' government down there would happily sign oil deals with Exxon and such.

I know a draft would be unpopular but just phrase it as a 'make work' project and we'd be home free. American voters will swallow just about anything, based on recent voting.


I'm 22 and there would be no possible way I would willingly or forcibly join the military.


The draft is slavery.


The draftees get paid. Slaves don't get paid.


You don't have a choice. If the voters approve of it (through their elected representatives) then you don't get to decide. Its like taxes -- if you don't pay, you'd go to jail, no?

Besides, wanting to live your own life is greedy and selfish. Don't you want to serve others?


Is this a joke? You're solution to our economic problems is to invade another country to steal their resources?

what the fuck...


I never knew that not wanting to kill people and only wanting to live a peaceful life was greedy and selfish.


They would have no choice in the matter, unless they think prison is valid option.

It is slavery.

Of course, you are well beyond the age of being drafted, so why would it bother you?


He isn't serious, he's a troll.

I should not have responded to him either.


Sure, they also got gifts from their masters.



Best. Post. Ever.

And, depending upon how it plays out, possibly the best thread ever.


The point of this thread is flying SO far over your head.


But you always do. If you seriously thought he was a troll, you wouldn't have responded. Instead, you rose to the bait.


You probably should have left the last 2 sentences out, or instead written, "I know the idea of a draft would be unpopular, but we can call it something else, say, 'Third World Gap SysAdmin' or 'an expansion of the peace corps.'"


The same logic of forcing someone to pay taxes should carry over into other aspects of life. You obviously aren't allowed, under majority rule, to not pay taxes. If a draft is brought back, then you have to go.

Let's be consistent. Trying to be consistent is good, yes?? How is encouraging consistency trolling?


C'mon, I'm at work and I'm bored. Give me a break.

And since you posted, I can assume you think he is not a troll?


Having served in the military, there were times I would look around and think how greatly it would be improved through a draft. Sure it would force people to join who don't want to be there, but a large percentage of service member already don't want to be there, anyway. These people start a countdown to their EAS the minute the sign up.

If you could get people to accept it -- which they wouldn't, a draft would definitely improve the military.


I would have no problem having mandatory military service, but only if it was strictly for homeland defense. Now, if they started saying "well in order for us to ensure our security at home, we have to invade (insert country)", then I'm definitely against that.


Slaves cannot quit their job.


Did you mean that slavery has the draft as a subset? The statement 'draft is slavery' would mean they are equivalent and I showed that they are not.