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Bring Back MD6!


why not? MD6 and HOT-ROX are very different aren't they? they work in different ways i tihnk.
ive just been reading about MD6 from the 1999 article archives and it just seems so cool,, so good. and i really want a supplement with yohimbine too.

many supplement companies sell a whole bunch of different fat burners and stuff.. and you dont have to do any research or anything, you already made it long ago. just an idea!


BUT i have to admit that i havent been able to get my hands on HOT-ROX yet and maybe had I tried it I wouldnt have had any need for MD6, and would never have asked this question...


Get the HOT-ROX! Although MD6 was/is? a good product (I used it and had great success with it) HOT-ROX is the way to go, especially for fat-loss. Of course, you will need to excercise and eat properly for it to work, but I know you are already aware of that... :o)

Good luck!


P.S. By the way, supplement that with Power Drive as well. A very good combo, I currently use that now and it is 'da bomb!


I have tried HOT-ROX. Did not work as effectively as MD6. Sorry, ephedra is a totally unique compound has very specific actions. (So can't be replaced by guggulsterones, caffeine [has own actions], guarna etc.) The ban for ephedra has lifted. So PLEASE bring it back! It ticks me off that idiots use it incorrectly. If one has heart problems & takes large dosages, ephedra may cause problems. Lots of idiots think that more is better. Even water if drank too much for the body's needs causes intoxication!


This has been my experience as well, although I've not tried the new formula of HOT-ROX, only the original when it first came out.


speaking of ephedra what is a good ephedra product that is currently on the market?


Not just your guys' experience, but Ive heard from quite a few people that said the exact same thing.

Biologically, HOT-ROX blows ephedra away. But I think alot of people are in agreeance that ephedra gave them a better "kick".

However, Im not to fond of ephedras safety, long term. Your body grows accoustomed to it quite easily and quick - and higher and higher dosages are needed for said effect. Not only that, but I wouldnt bet against blowing out your adrenal system using it over and over for a long perdiod.

I say ephedra once and a awile, a short cycle here and there. If you want something long term and safer, HOT-ROX


I'm thinking, if anything, Biotest would come out with a Spike/A7-E hybrid compound. That would have the "kick" and the fat burning goodies in one package.


MD6 was awesome, but Biotest isn't going to bring it back for many reasons. I really, really, really wish they would make a standalone A7-E though. Cy? TIM? PLEASE!!


Yeah,bring back MD6.........this time with some green tea,lol.


I somewhat doubt they will bring back a product that directly competes with one they already have. (ie: two different products that do almost the same thing).

What would be interesting would be: insted of a different formula of Spike+A7-E, they put it in sort of a box set if you will, where A7-E is in a seperate bottle, but you can only buy it if you buy Spike as well (as HOT-ROX is a more effective stand alone product).


I've used several bottles of MD-6, and several bottles of HOT-ROX. I had "really good" results with MD-6. I get "f'n awesome" results with HOT-ROX. From my experience, HOT-ROX is a more effective fat burner than MD-6. However, MD-6, being a stimulant, made me wired. I think some people equate being wired with being effective, which isn't necessarily the case.


Yeah, I agree with just about everything you wrote.

I think the problem is this, how the hell does Biotest market a stand alone A7-E product when they also have HOT-ROX? You basically have two products that do the exact same thing, but one is better than the other? Granted those of us that know better(and I hope we are the majority, but I have my doubts)would understand the difference, but average Joe Gym-Rat?


I actually don't care so much about the ephedra itself, but whenever I take MD6 my mood gets REALLY elevated. I'm less prone to want to kick my student's asses all day long.

I can't seem to find anything to improve my moods the way MD6 does.


Wasn't MD6 pulled because of the norephedrine/PPL(?) in it, as opposed to being a victim of the ephedra ban? At the time it disappeared there was a lot of pressure to remove any products with that particular compund from the shelves. Allergy medicines also had to change formulas. I could be completely wrong, though...


Yeah thats what I thought too. With a legal ruling against the FDA (see below), I would assume norephedrine/PPL can be allowed.

What else would be preventing Biotest from using norephedrine/ppl?

(article about FDA ruling)

Judge Says FDA Cannot Ban Company's 10-mg Ephedra Product

BETHESDA, MD, 25 April 2005 ? A federal judge on April 13 ruled that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot stop the sale of a dietary supplement that provides a daily dose of 10 mg of ephedrine alkaloids or less when taken in accordance with the product's label.



I agree with this. I think it would be awesome to be able to take some A7-E right before bed.



I would guess the main reason that they most likely won't bring it back is because of the extremely high insurance costs. The 10mg per serving stuff that I have seen is almost double the pre-ban price.


Just get the Ephedrine HCL with guanifesin and stack it with caffeine anhydrous. It's dirt cheap and will take the fat off of you just as fast if not faster than HOT-ROX based on my experience in the past. It's just a question of whether or not you can handle being that wired.

What's really interesting is the old T2.. had A LOT of potential was pulled by Biotest b/c of the FDA....is now being sold by another company...cheaply too. You can always try that (I haven't).


Unless you want that wired-drugged feeling, go with HOT-ROX. In my experience it works far better for fat loss and muscle preservation.