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Brilliant Fox Editorial Piece (No Sarcasm)


A video on the nation of sheep, the Patriot Act, and the first amendment. Brilliant work by FOX.

I'm surprised and delighted by it.


And this is why mindless Fox bashing is for morons. Napolitano has been saying this stuff on Fox for years. Some dipshit comes on there claiming to be watching Fox so I don't have to. HA! How much has this self-righteous moron missed? Or moreso, how much of it has he refrained from showing because he didn't like it?

On another note. Last month I read Napolitano's Constitution in Exile. I give it a hearty endorsement. He doesn't particularly make a great case for why some things are unconstitutional, but if you have a solid grasp on the Constitution then he does a great job of listing its violations. It's an easy and quick read. He does a great job of listing FDR and Lincoln's failures to uphold their oaths of office as well as a chapter dedicated to the evils of the Patriot Act.

I may give Nation of Sheep a shot soon. I am really interested in these self-written warrants. That is precisely why the 4th amendment exists. The Brits were enforcing the Stamp Act and others by writing their own warrants and entering houses to see if the taxes were being paid on items. Hell, the burning of the HMS Gaspee was based in part of Lt. Duddingston boarding merchant ships at will over this stuff.



Another piece re: the patriot act by Napolitano.


Yes, Napolitano has been opposed to the Patriot act since day one, and very vocal about it. Unfortunately this idiot had to take the video and add in liberal effects. (Why the fuck do I need a close up of a mouth?)

In the same vein, O'Reilly has been harsh on Bush and blunders in Iraq.

Most of what people know about Fox News is what they are told by the loony left.

I have problems with Fox News myself, but I do know it is a legitimate news organization, and find it less biased then most of the other news channels.

I do have a conservative friend who much prefers BBC because he finds all Fox News does is have right wingers and left wingers yelling at each other. He prefers the civility of the BBC news, even though he knows it is biased to the left.

Now this is what you should be watching:


I haven't laughed that hard in years