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Briefs /Suit Question

looking for some feed back on my choice of brief/suit style, i am just starting to train to compete in gear, right now just groove briefs and a single ply shirt, i have a O.K.2ply on the way and am about to order 2ply suit/briefs(ive been told that my raw #s are good enough to train and compete in multiply and since that is my goal anyway and $ being an issue i’m skipping the single ply deal.)

MY question, I am a sumo puller and a shoulder width stance squater so which leg design, angled or straight, would be the best one for me to go with for my briefs and suit?

what brand of suit / briefs are you wanting to buy? EFS has metal gear on sale right now. I own Pro briefs, an Ace suit and a Jack shirt. I can comment on those If you’d like. I also own Titan Super katana and a Super centurion suit and can explain the differences. Yeah Imma gear whore, although I rarely get in the stuff these days.

overkill briefs and suit are the brand im going with, and im leaning toward a striaght leg design because my sumo pull it not extremely wide(shins on the rings),thanks for your reply brah, i didnt think anyone was gonna answer. so do you think i would be able to get into position to pull w/2ply briefs/suit with straight legs on?i wanna stay away from angeled legs if i can because they won’t load up as well on my squat, and thank you from a future gear whore:)

I am not familiar with how the overkill stuff fells BUT I can say, pulling in a suit with the straps up can be a chore. You’ll have to do that “grab with one arm sideways, then pull down to grab with the other hand” thing. I’ve blown capillaries in my face and eyes several times. lol. Youll get some good pop off the floor but keep in mind the suit pretty much quits working at just below the knee.
It will be different, but yeah, you’ll be able to get to the bar. It will be awkward a hell at first but like all new things, you’ll find out how to do it.

Welcome to the DARKSIDE. It can get lonely here with all the raw zealots these days lol

[quote]StrengthDawg wrote:
Welcome to the DARKSIDE. It can get lonely here with all the raw zealots these days lol [/quote]


thanks brother

I have used inzer power pants and z suit for a while with knee wraps. I still mostly pull raw, but am looking too start pulling in a suit. I squat a bit wide and pull both but compete sumo. I am looking at a TRX suit, but am looking for a good pair of multi ply briefs to start training in to get used to multi ply. I am 6 ft 260 lbs and not very fat. A bit of a gut. I squat over 600 single ply z suit and knee wraps. I bench 500 in a single ply titan F6 with a custom collar, and pull 505 raw. Last max pull. I am new to T-Nation.