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Briefs or Powerpants?

I am a newbie to Powerlifting and I need some info on some gear. What would give me more on my squat and dead, Inzer Heavy Duty Briefs or their Powerpants? I currently lift raw, well, only a powerbelt and I was about to place an order for some Z wraps and some sort of supportive bottom. I pull conventional and squat wide. Any help would be appreciated? I will lift in my first meet on April 2nd in the 181’s. Did I mention I have only been powerlifting for a month? Wish me luck.

If you go with Inzer, get the double ply powerpants. The briefs are a joke.

If you can afford the cost, get a pair of METAL Pro Briefs from Elitefts. (Without sounding like a shill) They really are worth the money. The material and support are way better than anything Inzer makes.

That being said, I’ve used the Inzer powerpants and won’t knock them. They did the job well are priced well.

Hey Buddy, thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that it is an APF meet. The Metal Briefs are more than $100 more than Inzer Power Pants are they really worth it? I think I would end up out growing them, I can’t stop gaining all this muscle :slight_smile:


The metal briefs are 500% better than anything inzer has to offer. I still say the briefs are a little pricey but you will get more out of a pair of metal viking briefs than you would out of most poly squat suits.

As for wraps, that mostly a personal call. The Z wraps are pretty good, just be sure to call and order the 80cm wrist wraps (they only list 60cm on the web site).

With only a month to go before a meet, I would say go with a double ply powerpants from Inzer. If you come out of the competition with a desire to lift more, then order METAL. Inzer’s “leg lock” technology is nothing more than a really tight leg opening that grabs your skin and bruises the hell out of it. The METAL briefs make your hams/glutes fight the suit, not thigh skin.

It was already said, METAL is the best. Nobody comes close. Dave Tate’s concern that you get the right equipment only adds to the awesomeness of this product.

i saw this and thought “go cammando”

True dat on the leg-lock “technology”, I use a single-ply champion (straps down) on DE squat day. As long as the underwear beneath doesn’t get bunched up, I don’t get bad bruising on the hips with the straps down. But man- right where the hem seats on the thigh, it damn near breaks skins.

Yo TTewell,

How much are you getting out of your Metal briefs? Are the pro, or viking, and single or double?

I have a B Day coming up and possibly interested in getting a pair. I have a pair of single ply power pants from Inzer right now.

It’s hard to say how much I get out of the briefs alone as I haven’t tested with them on full squats but i would say at least 50 lbs. extra.

I thought I would put this one up on here too. I just got an e-mail from Iron Gladiators and inzer has new powerful looking briefs called Predators. They are made out of reinforced Rage-X material! I will have to try these babies out.

Go to irongladiators and get thier power pants. They are double ply of the Hardcore material, not just the heavy duty crap on inzer’s site. I haven’t tried the Metal yet.