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Briefs for Hip Support


I did some searches and couldn't find any answers about this pair of briefs (the titans).

Basically I want a pair of briefs for hip and groin support/warmth. Im a wide single ply squatter who squats raw majority of the year and want some support because box squats and DE work are killing my hips.

Deciding between these three products:

Inzer Power Pants
Titan Superior Briefs: http://www.titansupport.com/products/briefs/superior-briefs.html
Rehband shorts

I don't need Aces or anything that is going to give me a huge carryover, just warmth and support.

Appreciate any advice.


What kind of suit do you wear? Could you just wear it straps down?


For what you're describing, the Rehbands should be more than sufficient. You can also just use an old squat suit straps down -- I've done that for years.


Suit with straps down is how the Westside guys do it at least for DE work last time I checked.


I own 2 suits and a pair of briefs. I can tell you that without a doubt the briefs and suits will do NOTHING to keep you warm. Now that it's summer time you probably don't need to worry about warmth much anyways....

Support wise, those legless briefs don't do shit for you. Don't waste your money on them. Get a Single ply suit and wear it with the straps down. Then when you catch the gear whore virus you'll have a suit to suat / deadlift in.

Don't worry about too much carry over. I can squat low as shit with an empty bar in my Metal PRO briefs and no belt. Put a belt on and I can get 120# or so out of them. Point is you control how much "help" you get and all the while your hips and shit will be thanking you - which will carryover into better raw performance. Hope this helps dude.


Yea it does. Appreciate it.


Power pants will give you the support your looking for. Im a wide squatter/sumo puller, and used to use PPs every sq/pull session for that reason.