Brief Intro and Workout Journal

After almost 8 weeks of the standard Rippetoe program, I decided to switch up my routine a bit. I’ll post everything as I did before.

Week 1 Day 1

Front Squat 3x5x115, 1x8x95 (lbs)
Incline Bench 3x5x95, 1x8x75
Deadlift 1x5x170 (new PR!!)
Seated DB Press 3x12x15 (both arms)
Dips 8/4 (new PR!!)
DB Side Bends 3x12x10 (both arms)

Week 1 Day 2

I have a sore wrist from bball the other night, but that’s no excuse to not hit the weights, so I lifted, but stuck to legs and abs.

Back Squat 2x12x115, 1x10x115
DB Side Bends 3x12x15 (both arms)

tried Flat Bench, but felt pain in both my left wrist and shoulder, so I’ll try again in a couple days.

Week 1 Day 3

Front Squat 3x5x120, 1x8x100 (lbs)
Incline Bench 3x5x100, 1x6x80
Deadlift 1x5x175 (new PR!!)
Incline Skull Crushers 2x12x55

Wrist is feeling better, but it kept me from doing Barbell Curls and Dips today.

I took some measurements yesterday, and let me say that success is very motivating!! After consistently eating and exercising well for the last 10 weeks (which, by the way, I have never been this consistent with dieting and exercising before), here are what my stats look like:

     Jan 7           Mar 17
     -----           ------

Weight 142.8 lbs 155.6 lbs
BF 15.5% 16.5%
Chest 35" 38"
Bicep 10.5" 11"
Waist 35" 36"
Thigh 19.5" 21"
Calf 13" 13.5"

There’s still plenty room for improvement, but for me, baby steps are a victory. The only part which puzzles me is my waist. I fit into size 32 pants, but for some reason, I measured my waist line at 36".

Maybe this post will serve as motivation for some, maybe it serves just as information, but for me, it helps to remind me that I can achieve anything, all that’s required is hard work and dedication (and no, I am not Tony Robbins).

Week 2 Day 4

Back Squat---------120-12/12/12 (lbs)
Bench Press--------110-5/4/3
Bent Rows----------105-5/5/5
DB Side Bends------20-12/12/12 (both arms)

Not sure why, but considering that I’ve been gaining muscle, and my chest size has increased, I’m still getting resistance at 110 lbs with my Bench.

Week 2 Day 5

Front Squat------3x5x125, 1x8x105 (lbs)
Incline Bench----1x5x105, 1x3x105, 1x4x105
DB Side Bends----1x10x25, 2x12x25 (both arms)

Finally got my power rack and assembled it this weekend!! I’m thinking of taking a couple days off to allow my body to rest, and then start up Rippetoe again, this time no excuses for not completing any of the exercises…