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Bridging with Anavar


Im just coming off a 12 week cycle of sus250, im in my second week of my 4 week PCT, but im already anxious to get back on something once my PCT is totally over.

I was reading where it states that one could use anavar in low doses ( 10 mg a day) and it would not shut off HPTA and only slightly suppress your other hormones.

My Question

After my PCT is TOTALLY completed and i wait another 2 weeks after that could i take 10 mg a day of Var just to keep all my gains from my previous cycle and to just help stay in shape? My other concern, i know 10 mg a day is an extremely low dose, is it even worth taking it at that low dose, will i even notice anything? i wouldnt use the var all the way until my next cycle ( August 15th) i would only use it about 6 to 8 weeks at 10 mg a day to sorta "Seal the Deal" from my last cycle and gain a little bit.

what you guys think?


Half-life of oxandrolone is 8-12 hours.. in order to maintain stable blood levels you would need to take it at least twice a day. Perhaps find some 5 mg tabs?

but with respect to bridging in general ill let someone else step in. Not familiar with the subject.


if im not mistaken, bridging aas cycles with aas is generally considered not optimal.


Optimal for what?

Dont make such broad statements. They are utterly useless.


Optimal in terms of health, hpta recovery etc..

Optimal especially when compared to bridging with Hgh/SARM/some other non suppressing compound


i say u either on or off and thats that


Im gonna do HGH, 5 IU, 5 days on 2 days off for 2 months. hopefully get me down to 9% body fat while maintaining at least 265 lbs.


If you're going to use growth, check out BBB's GH protocol.


GH may not be suppressive to the HPTA but it can certainly be suppressive.


well yeah I was referring to his hpta..sorry haha I will be extremely specific in the future..I suppose it is important to do so considering the serious nature of the topics discussed here


No need to apologize. But yea, being precise is always good.


Hey im searching for it and keep getting these are any of these his official page?

Plz post im reading all these different threads, and cant find it for some reason.


Just come off properly and try and keep your gains the old fashioned way. You can always do another cycle. And another......

If you really want something to help with keeping the gains, try GHRP6, eating protein and lifting weights!