Bridging the Gap on my TRT Dosage

OK. I have a good prescription from a HRT clinic. I make no claims that gym gains aren’t part of my overall goal here.

I started with:

Day 1: 250mg HCG
Day 2: 200mg test cyp
Day 3: 1mg Anastrozole
Day 4: Off
Day 5: 250mg HCG
Day 6: 1mg Anastrozole
Day 7: Off

…Repeat. This FELT good. I felt better than I have in the last 10 years (I’m 37). However, the gym gains weren’t really up there. Or not that I noticed.

A few weeks ago I talked to my TRT clinic and they wondered why I hadn’t reordered yet; I said I still had what seemed like 8 weeks or so left. They said I was taking too low of a dosage for the protocol as prescribed. I go and look at the labels, and by golly, it’s telling me test 200 2x a week and the HCG at 500. They advise me to modify my schedule to the following:

Day 1: 500mg HCG
Day 2: 200mg test cyp
Day 3: 1mg Anastrozole
Day 4: Off
Day 5: 500mg HCG
Day 6: 200mg test cyp
Day 7: 1mg Anastrozole
Day 8: Off


So I did. Plus side: 4 weeks and it’s obvious that the gains are coming along nicely. Down side: Blood pressure is up, skin is constantly oily, acne is up, and I’m a bit of a grouch. Controllably so, but noticeable.

They say that this is a sustainable long-term (IE, not cycled) dosage. Which I suppose it may be; I’m not sure. I need input.

I seem to be getting input that it’s actually a mild steroid cycle.

I’m OK with that.

My thought is that since the dosage is available, blasting and cruising seems to be the best option.

Does it make sense to cruise on my initial dosage of 500iu hcg, 200mg test, 2mg anastrozole and then blast or boost to 1000iu hcg, 400mg test, 2mg anastrozole?

I have lurked and read a bit, and can’t find something that speaks exactly about my situation, with prescribed meds, and a protocol that isn’t supposed to be cycled off, ever.

Thanks so much for any input, and please be gentle. I’m trying to get the best bang for the buck without negatively affecting health.

2mg of anastrozole a week? That sure is a lot

Do not kid yourself, your doctor is prescribing you a steroid cycle. With the common beginner AAS user taking in 500 mg/week, you are a mere 100 mg/week below that. It is very rare to see a legitimate TRT provider prescribe over 200 mg/week.

But you seem to know this.

To answer your questions, you would leave the hcg the same for your blasts (same hcg on blast & cruise). The point of HCG is just to preserve what is left of your testicular function (including pregneolone production). It is not there to supplement your T, so no need to increase it.

As far as what to take, well, you can pretty much take whatever other AAS compounds you want during your blast. Mix it up and see what you like I guess. Adex would be adjusted accordingly (more for higher aromatizable compounds, less for non-aromatizable ones).

Your cruise dosage should be whatever you and your doctor agree on, but I would not recommend going over 200 mg/week.

Thanks for the input.

I don’t plan on mixing other compounds. I will stick with these prescribed meds and work with what is there.

At the moment, I don’t plan on exceeding 400mg a week even during the ‘blast’. I already feel agitated and angsty at that. I can’t see putting myself beyond that when it seems to be working well.

What would be a length of blast? And I assume I can reduce the HCG back to 250 without jumping it to 500 during blasts, from what you said.

If I don’t exceed 400, does 2mg adex sound ok? Or is 1mg typical for a range between 200 and 400?

I wasn’t aware that 400 was a steroid cycle until just these few weeks when I felt it. I’m glad I reached out and talked to someone.

Is your Doc offering bloodwork ?
Even at 400mg per week 2mg of Adex could be too much, or it could be too little.
Too high or too low on the E2 level and you have about the same grouch symptoms, on the lower side
you will also have joint pain.
Best to have some blood work to be sure you are on the right track.

Some doctors take advantage of the TRT thing and basically prescribe cycles and some others actually try and keep you at the high end of normal. You doc is the cycle prescribing type. I have learned that if they take your insurance they are more than likely legit because insurance will not cover your test to be at 2000 and continue to pay for it.

Not that the cycle doc’s are a bad thing but if you are looking for true TRT, they will over prescribe. The problem with the legit doctors is most of them are clueless about HCG and adex and will not prescribe it so you have a different set of issues there.

I’m ok with it being cycle-worthy. I just wanted some ground-level experience to tell me whether it was a good long-term dosage or if it was as hot as I thought.

I was in the lower mid range before starting. I’d like to keep myself at the upper end of normal most of the time, and pop up when needed for blasts, if I tolerate it. I guess I have to get proactive on the labs instead of just listening to the protocol. I know now that I had too much adex and too much hcg. That’s a great start.

Well I have bloodwork Friday. Doc wanted to follow up on high liver enzyme from a year ago.

Guess we’ll see what pops up!

Still have high bilirubin. Cholesterol is up a bit. He never ran the test or estradiol checks I asked for. Awesome.

rbbrooks8: My friend,are you sure your not telling a little white-Lie? The trt?hrt clinic’s in my experience don’t Rx Hcg with their 200mg’s every 2week’s also Arimedex at 2mg’s for a baby dose of testosterone that is not even taking affect until a few week’s pass.Are you ordering online? your program/protocal sound’s more like some bodybuilder than a Medical Doctor? Be astraight-up.john

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