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Bridging the Gap Between Last Shot and PCT

Currently at the mid point of my cycle. Planning on standard pct of 40/40/20/20 21-25 days after last shot.

Question: any harm in running a bit of tamoxifen in between last shot and pct?

Reason is that I am gyno sensitive. Yes, real gyno. While things are in flux and my ratio is changing why not try say 10mg daily or 20mg eod?

All thoughts welcome. Anyone with gyno experience greatly appreciated.

You can, if you don’t have gyno now you probably won’t get it between last shot/PCT

Many use tamox on cycle instead of an AI. Doesn’t suppress estrogen (aside from metabolite norendoxifen), but does bind to the ER, competitively inhibiting oestrogen’s action on mammary tissue. Granted I’m not sure if it actually produces norendoxifen to a significant extent… but it’s a known metabolite (interesting, tamoxifen alone has very little affinity for the ER… it’s a pro drug, metabolites are the ones that you’ll perceive therapeutic effect from)

Should be noted there are certainly risks involved. AI may crush lipids, but tamox can raise triglycerides (though improve HDL/LDL)… it’s rare, but thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) has been reported to develop within those on tamox… very rare though

Thanks for the response. To clarify, what is your answer to the question?

You can use Nova on cycle if you feel it would be beneficial.

Thanks, but again that doesn’t answer the post.

It does… you’ve asked whether there’s any harm in doing so

No one can ascertain for sure that no harm will come… but for most, no… many use tamox on cycle, they’re fine.

I don’t feel comfortable giving a definitive answer as I don’t like to give out drug related advice. But if I were in you’re situation I’d feel comfortable taking tamox.

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That’s quite a long time to take tamoxifen. If you’re experiencing gyno from the fluctuations in hormones why not take a short ester like prop or an oral Like tbol or var while you bridge?
I think you can take tamoxifen for that long but I believe you’ll see an impact on lipids. I know I personally don’t like it for more than 4 weeks, I start feeling shitty on it. I think it’s possible, maybe not ideal.

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I know a guy that is paranoid about gyno and uses 20mg EOD through the cycle until PCT. (I just asked him to be sure). He said he hasn’t had any issues doing it that way for years. At least no perceived issues.

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I felt the same way on 20mg/daily (although I wasn’t on running steroids) but right at 4 weeks I started really feeling like shit. After I stopped I felt fine pretty soon after.

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Exactly. My pct used to be to bridge with HCG and var then clomid for a week and nolva at 20mg/day for a month. Talk about a shitty way to come off cycle…
I still think the bridge with T prop or tbol is good though. All that hard work then spend a month while your T levels sink just seems like a waste.

Good info. Thanks. I’m considering going 20mg eod on cycle now that my flare up is controlled and reduced. Also considering 20mg eod to bridge the gap as I said.

I’ll do a longer post about my gyno history and the lab results on cycle toward the end. I’ll be able to share data along with my observations.

Tamox exerts a net positive effect on lipids… it negatively effects triglycerides

Thanks for clarifying. So happens I’m more concerned about high triglyceride levels particularly combined with a bad HDL/LDL ratio. Having said that I feel cycling is generally going to impact health in any event and we assume some risk when we do it I guess.

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Just mirroring what unreal said… I have first hand experience with Nolvadex improving my lipids, primarily lowering my LDL, as well as my Triglycerides. LDL was 20 points lower than it has ever been, although triglycerides were only 5 points lower, which could have been from mere dietary differences days prior to labs?

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That’s really interesting. I was under the impression it skewed it the other way.

Most orals do, so it’s natural to think Nolva would as well. Nolva does however make some people feel great pretty crummy at higher doses.

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