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Bridging Advice


Interested in the use of IGF-1 (assuming its legit) or GH as a bridge for the next 12- 16 weeks or so until my next cycle.

Dosing would be modest for both 100mcg/day for IGF, or 4iu/day for HGG.

I have never used either of these compounds, can anyone offer some advice based on experience. I like the idea of IGF but I dont anyone who has actually used it . On the other hand HGh is used by many with varying success.

240ish and %11 ish BF

Main goals overall are increased lBM, increase athleticism and strength. I compete as a trail runner but obviously don't want to look like a Kenyan marathon runner, If I could get to 250 but decrease my mile time that would be fucking awesome


240lbs at 11% bodyfat, benching 285lbs.



Long levers and my bench is fucking horrid I'll be the first to admit that. Took me 7 years to be able to bench my body weight! When I started training I couldn't do a push-up

Also I'm 6'4 with large frame


let me know how you plan to run the igf1. i am still confused on what is best. there are 101 ways people do it it seems


The consensus seems to be 100mcg split between each muscle being worked. Examples, back day, 50mcg in each lat.

I train movements mostly so it would either be in quads, glutes, lats, delts or pecs depending in the day.

Some guys are still doing sub Q as well- might be worth a whirl. Would only pin on training days obviously.


yeah i was gonna go the site injections as well but then read a post by dat that said basically it didnt matter how you pinned. i believe he advocates for injecting an hr or so after training


fair enough brother, I guess that was kind of a douche post on my behalf.

As for your bridging, I honestly don't think I'd bother with the IGF-1. The GH is going to do so much for you, I just don't think it'll be necessary.

Also, there's a school of thought that all IGF-1 is faked anyway, so I dunno.


I feel you on this. 6'3, long levers like you, and unfortunately narrower clavicles. Strength on all lifts are good, except for friggin bench press. 225lb max.

But then again I realized bench press isn't necessarily the most effective exercise for size and not very shoulder friendly. Haven't done it in 6ish months.


not to be a dick, but those stats/numbers seems a smidgen off...

i think hGH can do a lot for you, but i'd also suggest looking closer into your training regimen/diet and honestly re-assess your stats.

i'm just under 6'3" and benched just under twice my bodyweight when i was clean, while running nearly 30 miles/wk.

i suspect your running might be the issue, if your intensity and/or mileage is very significant.....



I have been doing a lot of OHP variations lately since my most recent training block was 12 weeks of Oly work during race season. My shoulders and upper chest have never looked so good- and after retesting my bench it went up about 20lbs by not touching it in 3 months.
Coach thibs really advocates the dip but I find I just can't feel anything but front delts when performing them. Perhaps that's why my bench sucks? Weak delts?

I think it's the root of the problem for taller lifters


ah, thanks for clarifying...

what exactly is your workload per week?

FWIW, i have beat up shoulders, and dips are one of the worst exercises for me. it also depends if you perform them in an upright position, or lean forward more...