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Bridge Between Cycles?

Can some experienced recommend a bridge after a 12 week cycle of test (600 mg/wk) & anavar (50mg/ day for weeks 7-11)?

Not interested in cruising at this time but trying something non suppressive until next cycle. Have a decent supply of clom nova and hcg. Taking two weeks completely off now.

Thanks in advance.

Bridging by definition means running something suppressive. Otherwise you’re just talking about a traditional cycle followed by pct. Can you describe more fully what you’re looking for?

Yes i’ve heard about non suppressive sarms being used and wonder about that.
Should’ve mentioned that.

What exactly do you mean by non suppressive sarms?

People like to claim mk 677 is non suppressive but research has proven this false.

No such thing, man. They’re all going to be suppressive to one degree or another. Ostarine is less bad than LGD, or RAD140, but they’ll all put you in the same general vicinity of impact on testosterone levels.