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Brickhoss1 Journal Update: 42mg EOD SubQ. Still Dialing In. Elevated TSH, Prolactin, E2


‘In’ the first weeks…

His testosterone levels ‘were’ lower.


Aren’t… And there should be a comma before ‘are you’.

All of this in a mere four sentences. However, I’m the one who isn’t smart. Correct?

Do you have a YouTube channel for this subject? Do you do consults with people? Are you an admin of any groups or forums? Are you generally successful? Married? Kids?

When you realize you have answered no to all of the above, you will realize that telling other people they aren’t smart isn’t… Smart.

Not sure if you got personally attacked first but you must like to trigger people.

Everyone is entitled to there view. Or else none of us would be on here if all we hear is one side!

Thanks for the responses everyone!

I’m planning bloodwork within the next week or so - I’ll update on bloods and try to add the requested tests to get as much info as possible moving forward - From there, I will evaluate everyone’s opinion moving forward and decide my next move.

TSH is not something that I had previously noticed on my pre-TRT bloods. darkdescartes mentions my level (2.66) as deviating from the ideal “1” - While I’m asking a loaded question, anyone else have an opinion as to how much I should be concerned about a thyroid issue based on that initial figure?

Honestly I’m really hoping that dbossa’s method is my path, as it certainly would be convenient if dialing this dose up just a hair would help resolve most of my issues… But I will do my part in making sure that bloods (and specifically thyroid issues) aren’t my problem first…

My Vitamin D was low when I did the initial bloods, which I now supplement also.

Follow up with some new info - I’ve scheduled blood work this coming week. I took my temperature this evening on two separate thermometers, both read 97.6… For what it’s worth. :man_shrugging:t2:

Asked a few young, healthy coworkers to try the same thermometer. All 97.6-97.7… So I’m going to say it’s a lower reading thermometer. Or there is an outbreak of hypothyroidism at my work. One or the other. lmao. :wink:

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Thats just you. Why are you even mentioning it at all? Is the OP supposed to tweak his dose till he gets to your magic number?

I believe he is the only person I know who feels good at that level. Not saying he’s lying as I’m certain he’s tried everything and found that was best for him. However, I don’t know a single other person like that. Most guys I deal with who are symptom free have their free T over 30. Probably touching close to a thousand men at this point.

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I have been following his posts and it seems after years of not ever being “dialed in” he continues to dish out advice on almost every single thread. Along with his own dosing flavor of the day. It is, quite literally, everywhere.

I am of the firm opinion that advice should be taken from those who have sorted themselves out 100% and are having an awesome time. Sadly other than yourself and previously @physioLojik, it seems genuine advice is hard to come by. And by genuine, I mean the know how to be firing all cylinders, being the absolute best you can be and then some. Not just chugging along.

“I believe he is the only person I know who feels good at that level.” Exactly. And the issue I have is that this is being repeated by him so often that I am sure countless other lurkers will feel that that’s the optimal range to aim for.

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System Lord means well. He has underlying diseases and should really state when he states his experience.

I really disagree with his insistence on shbg dictating a protocol. It’s rubbish.

We are all on here getting ppls pov though

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I’ve come to respect both of your opinions (@dbossa) but I will add that I also feel better with less.

I’m not sure how much less yet - but with a TT of 1230 and FT in the 40s, I was both angry and lacking a working dick. Going from 200mg to 150mg made me feel a lot better. Improved my anxiety too.

I’m yet to try somewhere in between, which would presumably put my TT close to 900.


Still a healthy dose. You found what works for you. But nowhere near the 7mg daily. Not to mention, he’s not on TRT anymore (if I understood that correctly). Is it because he just never was able to figure it out and gave up or was it something else entirely?

I have one outstanding issue. I developed mild gyno before ever starting TRT when my E2 was 12. It has improved since starting TRT but never completely went away and I realize there is no protocol in the world that will fix that. I’d need to get much leaner or perhaps have surgery if all else fails.

Other than that, my issues are 1000% resolved. I have zero complaints. I want all of you to feel as good as I do.

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I wanted to interview physiolojik on my channel but it appears that anonymity is of utmost importance to him.

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So you think I’m the only person on earth that feels good with FT at 15 pg/mL, that there can’t be any others out there where this is also the case, that is not very open minded of you.

Targeting a magic number, I though people sought symptoms relief, no trying to make the numbers look good. When I found 7mg daily to be perfect for me I had no idea where my numbers landed me, didn’t much care because I felt like a teenager again.

What do I care about numbers, this isn’t bingo night. That’s the beauty about daily protocols, you increase dosing until symptoms are gone.

Nobody said that there is nobody other than you. What we are saying is that you are an extremely rare ocurrance…more so than you realize.

Indeed there may be. Another 1 in 10 000 viewers, the other 9999 which would be better suited to other doses. I have no doubts the dose suits you. But this forum is so full of your micro dose, which you mention in every single thread, that newcomers may default to it and consider 100mg a week “steroids”. Whats the need to spam every single thread? Cant you confine your story to your own thread?

Actually there is nothing rare about the fact that not all men need high testosterone, I have seen many do very well between midrange and just slightly lower than the very top of the ranges.

If I didn’t know any better I would say you and tfan866 are well acquainted.

I’ll explain it to you since you don’t understand, if at any time you get confused, let me know and I’ll go step by step so you can understand. The OP is seeking help because he has experienced a relapse in symptoms and I was trying to explain to him that not everyone does well with high testosterone, it was never about my super low dosage which is very rare, but you completely misinterpreted.

Then some new guy who didn’t offer any words of wisdom or advice of his own with on his very first post starts criticizing another members insight. So far you don’t impress me Sr. I’m ten times more functional than you are on your best day.

All you have done is show that you can hijack threads criticising other members without offering any advice directed at the OP, you must have something to prove, nice resume.

If this is you 100% dial-in, damn bro, I feel sorry for you already.

This question pretty much tells me you know little and maybe you should postpone offering advice until you’ve have time to absorb some knowledge because right now you just seem ignorant.

My advice to the OP would be to INCREASE the dose, to up hes free T and keep doing so till the good effects stay. I guarantee you 99.999% he would feel better. 0.001% of people would do better with your microsdose. The odds are so good that if I were a gambler I would bet on it.

I am sorry to say, but from following your posts, it appears you are very unwell and have 32% (!!) BF. I can most assuredly state that I am physically and mentally 100 times more functional that you, based on the info that you have provided yourself.

All Im asking is, why do you compulsively feel the need to hijack each and every thread with how “I feel on 0.07mg \ week” ? Yes, it is you doing the hijacking. Just stop it already. Make your own thread with a comprehensive log if you must and everyone will respect that.

To the OP, Im sorry to have chosen your thread to call out systemlord. It could have literally been any thread as he posts the same comments on all. But it had to be done and I know there are tons of lurkers applauding right now. We don’t need another KSman here. Systemlord with his high post count and superiority complex may well end up appearing as an authority to newbies.

The OP at his lowest point has his FT at 18.7 pg/mL at trough which means his FT levels are higher at peak, no way are his problems FT related at these levels, in fact these levels are good for a 35 year old. The OP has seen a return of old symptoms even though his FT is way higher than pre-TRT, he should feel better than pre-TRT, he didn’t say I still feel better than pre-TRT, but feel like there’s room for improvement.

I say either his levels are higher than they were at 6 weeks or there is something else going on. He is going to have to check other hormones which TRT can influence, like cortisol, thyroid or other biomarkers. It could be as simple as iron deficiency or other biomarkers that are deficient.

His symptoms don’t match up with these numbers, he shouldn’t be feeling like this with these numbers. Mark Gordon has explained the reason why some men only feel good for a short while on protocol changes, this is one example below.

You’ve burnt out this 5-alpha reductase enzyme which allows for the conversion of progesterone and allopregnanolone and therefore you would experience symptoms, allopregnanolone stimulates Gaba in the brain.

He also stated that some men are losing up to 35 other hormones do to shutting down LH. A lot of doctors don’t have the proper training and education to work the problem.