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BrianG After 9 months on TRT

Hi everyone! Thought I would share my recent test results and see if you see anything that looks out of the ordinary. Besides the Free T.

45 Years Old
Weight: 285
Height: 5’5" - Yes I’m overweight.
Hairy as can be.
I Donate Blood Every 60 days to keep Counts in range.

Have been at this for just under a year now and everyone here has been a big help.
My Test levels have not hit this range until 2 months ago when I took over my protocol.
I have to say I’ve never felt better in my life and I can feel my muscles and strength in my arms coming back. I haven’t felt that in a long time.

My protocol:
40mg Test Cyp 200mg/ml - Twice a week - Mon/Thur
250iu hCG - Twice a week - Wed/Sat
.25mg AI (Kalpa Pharm.) - Every 2 days

This last round of test results as of 2-13-2013 showed my Free T Out of Range and my PSA jumped from .8 to 1.2.
Do you guys think this is anything to worry about or should I just lower my hCG a bit to bring things back in line?

The T ranges are age adjusted normals and you want to have youthful T levels, not “norms” for old guys. I would not worry at all.

Any change to urine flow? You are at the age where prostate can become an issue and some need to start taking prostate specific supplements. If problems, it would be good to check DHT every year or so.

Your improved T&DHT status means a larger/normalized prostate. It is now in the state that comes with higher T status, compared to an androgen deprived state. In any case you should check PSA every 6 months to see where things are trending.

If you did labs after a DRE, that might increase PSA.

Read the protocol for injections sticky and come back with body temps and iodine intake.

Add TSH to next labs.

I do not see the hCG-PSA connection. E2 seems to be the primary driver of prostate enlargement. Frequent ejaculation is also prostate healthy compared to a lack of sexual activity.

Your labs are great with the exception of lowish DHEA. You could try 25mg DHEA. HDL could be improved with supplements. What is your BP? Any other heath concerns?

Read the advice for new guys sticky and review issues concerning body temperature and iodine intake/deficiencies.