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My junior year football season just ended, so that means I am back to serious lifting. Our season was a success, we made it to the state semi-final. For the record, I do not lift exclusively for football, I lift because I enjoy it and would like to compete in powerlifting one day.

PRs. (I may have lost some strength in these lifts)

Weighted Pull Up-45x12

I know I will be lifting 4 times a week, and I would like to squat two of those times. I would also like to give the Coan bench press routine a try. More specifics to come… My first day back in the gym will be Monday

Age: Ill be 17 tomorrow
Height: 6’2

Mon. Ed coan bench routine, horizantal pull
Tues. Squat, romanian deadlift
Wed. Off
Thurs. Deadlift,Light bench, Shoulders, Arms
Fri. Off
Sat. Squat, Power clean, vertical pull
Sun. Off

First day of the Ed Coan bench cycle. Starting max is 270. I should get to 300 at the end of 12 weeks if everything goes according to plan.

Flat bench- 190x2x10
Close Grip-170x10 170x6 rest 170x4 I guess I fond a weak point. Never done close grip before. Im confident Ill get the weight next week.

Hammer Strength Row- 2ppsx5x10
Kroc Row- 70x15, 70x20

Calves on leg press-225x10,10,10,20


Squat- 250x3x5 Ill increase weight by 5 lbs every workout.
RDL- 225x3x8 These have always been difficult for me. Deadlift is my weakest lift.

Deadlift- 50% 1rm: 185x10 speed pulls. Then worked up to easy triple at 290
Light bench- 160x2x10
OHP- 105x2 95x4 85x6 very light and easy.
Lateral raises- 4x12 w/ 15lb dumbells
Rear Delt Fly- Didnt have access to machine today
Barbell Curls-65x4x12 First time training arms directly

I am thinking I may put the deadlifts before squats on tuesday, and then add tricep pushdowns and calves on this day.

Overall good workout… Followed by a thanksgiving feast.

I will be making a few simple changes to the routine i posted above, here is the new one.

Mon. Ed coan bench routine, horizantal pull
Tues. Squat, Power clean, Biceps
Wed. Off
Thurs.Light bench, Shoulders, Vertical Pull
Fri. Off
Sat. Deadlift, Squat, RDL
Sun. Off

Only had time for a quick workout today due to some family stuff.

Squat- 260x3x5
Pull ups- 20,15,10,5


Coan Bench Press Cycle

Close Grip-170x2x10

Hammer Strength Row-2pps+10ps 5x10
Kroc Rows-70x2x20 each hand


Squat-warm up, 260x10

Power Clean-125x3, 135x3, 145x10

Barbel Curls-70x4x12

For the record, all lifts are done with no belt, wraps, chalk, or spotters. Im trying to get my hands on some chalk though. My stomach doesnt respond well with whey, so I dont take that. The only supp I use is creatine. After todays workout, my right anterior delt hurts. Ive never had any shoulder problems. Hopefully it feels better before i hit shoulders on thursday.


Light Bench-165x2x10
Overhead Press-130x2, 120x4, 110x6
Lateral Raises-15x4x12 super setted w/
Rear Delt Machine- 100x4x12
Wide Grip Pull Ups- BWx10 BW 25x5 BW 45x12
Lat Pull Down-120x5x10 with a focus on feeling the lats
Calf Raises- 100x2x30

Deadlift- 185x10 305x3
Squat-270x3x5 These were pretty difficult
RDL 135,155,175x3x10 Went light on these today.

Flat Bench-200x2x8
Close Grip-175x2x8

Hammer Strength Row- 110psx5x10
Kroc Row-75x2x20 each arm

Good workout.

Light Bench-165x2x10
Strict OHP-135x2,125x4, 115x6
Lateral Raises- 15x4x12 super setted w/
Rear Delt Machine 115x4x12
Pull Ups- BWx10, 25x5, 45x13
Lat Pulldown- 140x5x10

Speed Pulls- 185 for 10 singles
Deadlift-315x3 I tried using a semi sumo stance while warming up w/ 275 and it felt good. Thinking about switching.
Squat-280x3x5 Ill do a 5 lb increase for next week.

Close Grip-185x8, 185x7
Incline-175x8 175x6…rest, plus 2 more.

Unfortunately I missed a few reps. I need to eat more. Ill get the reps next week

Hammer Strength Row-115 per sidex5x10
Kroc Row-75x2x20 ea. arm

Good workout overall.

Squat- 280x10
Power Clean- 135x3, 145x3, 155x5

Note that the squat and power cleans were done in the school weightroom as opposed to the YMCA where I normally work out. For some reason the schools weights feel significantly lighter even though it is standard equipment. I was happy with 10 on squats

Light Bench-165x2x10
Strict OHP-140x2, 130x4, 120x6
Lateral Raises-20x4x12 super setted w/
Rear Delt Machine-115x4x12
Pull Ups- BWx10 25x5 45x10 I did these from a dead hang on every rep, hence the lower reps.
Lat Pull Down- 140x5x10



squat- 290x3x5

gonna start squatting once a week on tuesdays

Light Bench-165x2x10
OHP-145x2, 130x4, 120x6
Lateral Raises-20x4x12
Rear Delt Machine-115x4x12
Weighted Pull Ups-45x11

Just did some deadlift stuff in my basement

Something odd happened later last week. Lost my appetite and struggled to eat even the smallest 500 calorie meal. Ate light for a couple days and lost a few pounds but Im starting to get my appetite back now. I felt weak in the gym on the days where I didnt east a lot. However I cant for the life of me gain any weight. I havent gained a single pound since I started lifting again after football ended. I know I must eat more but for every meal I eat to the point where I feel sick.

Bench-230x2x5 spotter touched the bar on last rep of last set
Inc.-180x2x5 I was supposed to use 190 but that felt too heavy

Hammer Strength Row-242x5x10
Kroc Rows-75x2x20

Squat 295x5
curls 80x4x12

ohp 145x2 135x4 125x6
lateral raises 20x4x12
rear delt machine 130x4x12
weighted pull up 70x7
lat pull down 140x5x10