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Brian Shaw Wins 2016 WSM

Results are out and Shaw won for the 2nd consecutive year. Its his 4th title overall. Hafthor Bjornsson finished 2nd and Eddie Hall 3rd.

Congrats to Brian Shaw who seems like a supremely hard worker and overall good guy. Not sure about the TV schedule but will be watching for it.

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Good HITstrongman will have it up soon on you tube, hopefully.


really cool that shaw won, just as impressed that eddie improved his finish so much only 2 weeks after his big deadlift

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What were the top pulls?

HITstrongman hasn’t uploaded anything in the last 2 years. Anyway, someone should have it up by January.

I’m a bit bummed about Hollands and Shahlaei, really hoped they’d do better.

Starting Strongman says Shaw and Hall both pulled 445kg for a tie for the top pull.

Thanks, i will look online this weekend when i got more time.

I thought Big Z was injured and making an appearance at the Arnold Asia but it turns out he was competing!!!

He came in second which suggests he is only just recovered but still not a great look for wsm