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Brian Shaw, 6'8, 400 lbs


I came across this checking the news.Thought the Strongman forum would like a glimpse of his training and diet. Damn, I hate to sound like a kid, but, this guy is a true "monster".:))



Zydrunas Savickas for the win!


He's lost a lot of weight. He used to be 450+


Yeah, the weight that is he listed at WSM has gradually decreased over the years. I remember that he talked in an interview about working on 'conditioning' and how that has brought his weight down and made him more competitive. I guess there is a limit to how big is useful, even in strongman.


It'll depend on the venue as well. Brian has his eyes on racking up the WSM wins, where things are lighter and move more, so he's going to want to get a little lighter. If he just wanted to be the man at the Arnold (or if IFSA was still around), we might see his weight climb up more.


Maybe. But Brian Shaw seems to do pretty well at the Arnold, too.


No question. Guy is a great strength athlete.