Brian Johnson's Complete Anti-Aging Workout

Not Brian Johnston of JREP fame.

Former tech executive who sold hi company for 800 millionth is the “most tested individual ever” when it comes to anti-aging.

I’ve been casually following this guy intermittently. His regimen (overall, not so much his exercise style) reminds me a little of the Calorie Restriction people. You are probably familiar with the concept - High nutrition on low, low calories has shown to extend lifespan in every animal tested, but they do not have evidence in humans (yet).

There are people doing it however, and most of them are extremely thin (no Colorado experiment for them -duh)

This guy from the CR Society is an exception in that he is trying to build muscle in the contaxt of CR (though I think he follows a mild version of CR).

It’s a long thread, and starts out talking HIT, but he does not limit himself to HIT as the thread goes along. It may interest some of you - Just remember, all the comments are under the umbrella of CR.

Link here

May I ask you how many calories do you eat per day? I wouldn’t have thought a CR diet could be compatible with getting that big.

Geo, the daily average of my last 3 months is 2500 kCal. Actually, I’m not practicing literal caloric restriction, rather dietary restriction. More precisely, I’m eating ad-libitum but am not able to indulge too much in food (my hunger is limited) and restrict my diet mainly to plant-based foods. Average daily protein intake during the same period was 89 grams. Daily caloric intake may rise during wintertime, since I practice cold exposure and a daily estimate of at least 300 kcal are used in thermogenesis.

Rigorous caloric restriction by definition would imply a loss of muscle mass until reaching a target which is below ideal bodyweight, so actually it would not be compatible with muscular development.

Being a supposedly very rich man with a lot of spare time in his life - I can understand why he is feeling the best of his life: This project gives him attention, purpose and meaning. I mean, he has probably already done all excesses in life already, which leaves him with this challenging (rewarding) project. A much better alternative than alcohol though. Does he have a family?

That said, I would question the healthy aspects of ingesting 111 different supplements. Also, relying upon available testing methods today, they are not going to give a complete answer: The body and mind interact in ways we can hardly understand - adaptations occur, and the overlap in genetic expressions are impossible to foresee. Adding, inflammation is both part of creating life, wound healing and muscle building - as well as negative considering certain illness. Where do you draw the line?

I often say that by following science you will not go completely wrong - but this is ridiculously overdoing it. He may be a modern explorer, but may still end up with a cancer diagnosis. Problem is, if or when any disease (or cancer) occurs - it will, in his case, be impossible to know what provoked it.