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Brian Cushing, My Favorite Rookie! Hard Hitter??

After watching the clips from Joe Defranco’s youtube and reading about Cushing’s past, it does nothing but inspire. Just a blue collar type-dude that builded himself up to the top with hardwork and dedication…I know there are rumors about Cushing and steroids and I have no idea of its validity or falsehood but I personally don’t give a shit…also, it takes MUCH more than steroids to be one of the best linebackers in college

Sorry, I strayed away from my main topic…Cushing is undoubtedly an asset on any defense and an amazing linebacker, but is it just me or does Cushing never really give bone crushing hits?? I mean i’ve been watching clips of him and then of Taylor Mays and Rey Maualuga and the latter 2 looks like they hit HARD! and I’m sure Cushing does too, but just not on that level


USC had the best group of linebackers last year, no matter who hit you you were going to feel it. I expect Cushing to do well in the NFL. He is an NFL caliber player, and with Pete Carroll’s NFL history, he has already seen shades of an NFL style defense.

Even though my favourite team are the Giants, I hope Cushing plays well. Shit, I’ve followed his progress since high school, thanks to Defranco’s site, and he grew into a beast. I just hope that in future he will eventually play for the Giants:)