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Brewing Tren-E, What BA%?


I plan on brewing some tren in the near future and was curious as to what BA% to use, 2 or 3%? I've read posts about guys crashing with 2%. I only plan on a concentration of around 100mg/ml, will this hold at 2% or would 3% be safer? I've brewed test and eq before, but never tren and I want it to be soooo nice!
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2% will be fine.


never brewed before, but I'm looking at 10mL of 200mg/mL Tren E right now -- 3% BA and 15% BB and this is from one of the most professional UGLs around.


1% is sufficient for bacteriostatic purposes. A lot of people go with 2% BA and 20% BB. I calculate 1% and round up to the nearest ml, so it's usually like 1.5% BA, and then I use 20% BB. The BA isn't used so much as a solvent as it is used to keep the bacteria levels down. If you have a mixture that is going to require more than 2% BA to keep it stable, it's going to hurt like hell.


Bump Schwartzy.

2/20 is the standard BA/BB ratio. Some try to use 1%. I have never tried, but at only 100mg/ml you could probably get away with it.

I am using a blend right now of 250mg Test E, 100mg Tren E, and 100mg EQ. It was made with 2/20, and 70%/30% EO/Oil blend. It is painless.


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i have used as low as 2/15 with success for most, only needed 2/20 for super high concentration like.

i have got 90mg of prop and npp each into a mL at 2/15 with no problem whatsoever.


Out of curiosity I dug this up trying to find out what the hell BB is. I take it its not boiled baloney, bottled beer, or a projectile used by kids to shoot birds. Well I hope you make some use out of it.

to make tren over 70 mg , cyp over 150mg , and so on you need BB?BA , 4 guys diagnosed with cancer , one is a IFBB and my friend , cancer ended his career ,thier doctors all diagnosed same thing :

thier body infected with rubber from syrenge plunger and vial stopper which desolved by BB/BA

just add few DROPS of %3 BB + %15 BA you recomanding on plunger rubber and leave it for a short while and see it get stuck ,take rubber out and inpect it , you see it desolved ,then you inject that rubber into your body day after day , week after week

maybe thats why according to FDA max safe limit for BB/BA is only %1 ,any higher do not exist as medicine aproved for injection to human use , we used to make up to 400 mg oils with BB/BA before anyone else but guys getting hurt

Paraben / methyl paraben its not as effective as ba in kiling germs , also its not a solvant like BA so can not bring up the dose

Cyp needs BA to get even close to 200mg , guys want higher dose will end up rubber injected into thier body ,same goes for many other steroids ... as for tren go , few guys kiney failed on tren , kidney do not regenerate like liver so once kidney failed you are done

Dan duchaine died because of tren , he choose death rather then going through painfull daily dialysis for rest of his life , dialysis is machine with 2 hoses and 2 huge nail size needle into your sides , then all your blood go into machine to be cleaned , the huge daily IV needle pain and hours it take and get infections after a while with all the hosses and needles going in and out , thats your life to be atached to machine ,if rich you buy machine and keep with you , if not you move near hospital and hope you have good insurance , thats what they told me ..

tren is worlds most toxic steroid , its not like test which you can inject 1000 mg and only get water ,tren will kill your kidney , thats why it designed to be used at low doses only , if you need more efects from tren stack it with test or dball

also tren needs BA to go over 75 mg so you get kidney poisen and cancer in one bottle ,now we only make oils without BB/BA , that limits dose , it may crystalize and crush in cold but i will not cause cancer we use paraben as preservative , know what BA/BB did to guys

guys are asking for high dose short acting steroids , like high dose prop or tren acetate :

with short acting ones you must inject it daily regardless its 50 mg or 200 mg so what is the point of adding cancer causing solvants to get the dose higher

Sorry to hijack and maybe and I should take this and start another thread but I'm curious about your guy's thoughts on BA and BB (whatever that is) causing cancer?


But yet you're about to tell us about why it is so dangerous?

The doctors magically know that the rubber was in fact inserted into the solution and dissolved, and then caused cancer. Have you thought that maybe this didn't happen? There is no way of knowing because it would have been dissolved. Besides, there is no clinical data on dissolved rubber and cancer in any related context that I'm aware of. This is just stupid.

I make everything I use 2% BA 20% BB and I've had the same chunk of rubber floating in one of my vials for about three months. I'm fairly certain that neither of these chemicals dissolves the rubber stoppers because otherwise the stoppers on my vials of BA and BB would have dissolved about a year ago.

Dan died of kidney dysfunction, but we certainly can't say it was because of tren.

There are many other steroids that are more toxic than tren.

Wow... this says a lot about your steroid knowhow.

You are completely mislead. While there is some merit to what you are saying, it is completely unrelated to what you are applying it to. You obviously have very little knowledge of chemistry, steroids, or what common sense is. Given the extreme grammar, spelling, and formatting errors of your post I am willing to bet that you are poorly educated and likely very young.

Please do not contribute to this forum.



After posting I read your profile. Based on your previous posts it would seem that you are relatively intelligent, so I am honestly surprised you posted something as obscene as you did in this thread. This post barely made sense with all the typos and grammatical errors, which doesn't correlate well with the previous posts of yours that I read.

I apologize for the statement regarding your lack of overall intelligence. However, given this post I still feel that you have a lot of experience to gain before significantly contributing to the steroid forum. For now I'll assume you got really drunk or your little brother logged on with your account, and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.


Oh no you have me all wrong, but I see how you misunderstood me. The whole middle was something I CUT and PASTED out of a source from another country hence the typo's and grammatical errors. I deleted some sentences for their protection. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST AAS USERS, and I am not here to lecture any of you guys (I would be a hypocrite if I did). I am just trying to tap into your guy's knowledge because I don't want health problems when I'm older. So all I wanted to know was your opinion on the article I posted above.

After reading this I had some concerns about the effects on health. I know Duchaine died of hereditary polycystic kidney disease, something that is genetic, but I've read different things. For example some people blame DNP for his death. Again I'll try my best to be more clear in the future.


Schwarzy, I think you successfully refuted the rest of the post, but I should point out in Hagar's defense that he didn't write it (nor did he claim to; he clearly stated he "dug it up") - it was cut-and-paste from a website apparently run by International Pharmaceuticals, which is trying to make a case for why their products in glass ampules are superior to other UG lab's rubber-stoppered vials.

Hagar, in case you're still wondering, BB is Benzyl Benzoate, used to improve the solubility of steroids in oil. It has extremely low toxicity to humans and has various uses in the food industry. It occurs naturally in cinnamon oil.


Errr, thanks for your input I guess. And no I'm not too young, 33, but my high school's standards were a joke (still made the honor roll though:).


Thanks jwillow. Your hit the nail on the head.

Maybe there's a language barrier thing going on. In this context, when someone says "Dug this up" it means they searched around and found it. "It" being the article I posted. Its a common American expression.

Ah. So thats what it is. Seems harless. I just couldn't figure it out with Google.


I thought this meant you came across this thread while looking up what BB is. I obviously misunderstood you. Thanks for setting me straight guys. I don't want flame where it's not deserved. My apologies Hagar.


No hard feelings Schwarzy


That really bummed me out. I used to love reading his articles in the old MM2k magazines before they became nothing but a big ad for EAS. He he had some funny stories. The one about his friend airing out his colostomy bag, and using a lighter to take care of the smell, was my fav. He did it in this guys living room when it ignited causing a the "shit grenade" to explode all over his white carpet and white sofa lol.