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Brewing Questions

Good afternoon boys and girls,
I am planning/purchasing my next cycle and my wife’s first cycle.
I will be brewing my own as usual. I will be attempting Masteron for the first time and am curious if any special care be needed while brewing. I also will be making oral var for the Mrs. and need that info as well. She will be running Primo 100 mg/wk, var 20 mg/ED along with HGH at 3 iu E3D. I’m assuming Primo is brewed in the conventional method?

P.S. More Pain, BBB and all my other brothers in iron, I missed you guys!!!

Mast prop held perfectly and without pain at 100mg/ml with 2/20 in grapeseed oil. IDK about mast E, yet. IIRC, Bill Roberts said it should hold at 200mg/ml.

Just a note on the var, (that I’m sure you’ve thought of,) if I were you, I’d turn this into an oral solution to ensure accurate dosing since it’s for your wife. (As opposed to capping it.) AFAIK, var is pretty hard to go into solution, but IIRC, I’ve read it’ll hold at 10mg/ml in everclear. Someone correct me if that’s incorrect.