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Brewing Question

Suppose one were to give all their vials an isopropyl alcohol bath prior to use just to ensure they are sterile.

If you let them dry out and add the oil, then there is no problems. BUT if you noticed that one of the vials had a little bit of isopropyl alcohol on the side of the vial as you added the oil causing the oil and isopropyl alcohol to mix,leaving you with somewhat of a *cloudy mixture then what is the solution to this problem?

Would you reheat/refilter and hope for the best or just chuck it?

Thanks guys.

*not cloudy but it seems there are a lot of bubbles in the oil as if something did not mix right if that makes sense?

FWIW A friend of mine had the same thing happen to him only with water. He baked it a 100C and it went back to its original volume.

Thanks for the response IFBB I am not having much problems with volume and I know water would be an easy fix because water + oil seperate and water evaporates.

My question with Alcohol is if it would evaporate or dissolve into the oil when heated?

My guess would be that even if injected as it is that some minor discomfort upon injection would be potentially all that would be wrong with it as I know there isn’t that much Isopropyl in there to cause any serious issues.

well as far as I know lol

after looking at it now after it has sat a while I know have those bubbles all settled at the bottom of the vials. If shaken they disperse into the oil but I’d imagine they will settle again.

I’m almost certain this is the alcohol and I’d imagine re-heating/filtering would solve this issue but I’d still like to get some clarification from somebody who has had this happen before or somebody knowledgable enough that could get me a for certain answer before this stuff goes into anybody’s body lol

ipa has a much lower boiling point than the oil has.

same with water if you bake it vented then it should be alright.
if its only one vial and I would probably chuck it but I also understand loosing product is still loosing product.

sigh so much for baking a cookie lol