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Brewing Masteron and Prop Together at 200mg/ml?

I’m going to be embarking on my first homebrew project in the next few weeks. I’m an experienced user on the TRT side and am planning on adding Masteron to see how that compound agrees with me. I’m wanting to brew up a blend of Prop and Masteron and am wondering if it’s possible to get it to hold at 200mg/ml with 100mg Prop and 100mg Masteron in the blend.

If this isn’t the right forum for that, can anyone direct me to a good, active forum to discuss homebrew recipes and tips/techniques that could help me on this project? Many thanks.

Don’t know to be honest. I have never seen (or tried to brew) prop at more than 100mg/ml, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Providing you don’t have any issues with ethyl oleate, using it in the mix should allow you higher mg/ml. EO is what they use for 400mg/ml and higher brews of test E and C.
Make sure you have tried gear with EO first as a bad reaction is very painful.

Thanks. I’ve never used EO before. I might brew up a single ML’s worth just to see how I tolerate it.