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Brewing Beer

I saw a lot of folks mention that they brew their own beer in the Let us talk about our love of beer thread. I’d really like to try brewing some, and I was wondering if anyone here with any experience would like to impart some of their wisdom… What is a good beer to start with? Would you recommend a brewing kit? And is it good to have a basement or something for this? (I live in a townhouse so I’d have to get creative here). I’d also like to try brewing mead, if anyone has any experience with that let me know.

Definitely start with a kit (an ale is the best for your first time). It is a good way learn the process of making beer. As far as tips, cleanliness is probably the most important thinmg when making beer. Make sure everything you use in the process has has been sterilized. A basement is a definite plus , as keeping constant cool temp. (If I remember right 50-60 degrees for ales?)during the initial fermentation makes for better tasting beer.

At the risk of being mocked by real brewers, I admit that I use the Mr. Beer brewing kit (www.mrbeer.com). The “Brewkeg” has a 9-10 quart capacity. They make it really easy with pre-made wort. It’s not great beer, but it’s better than standard supermarket beers. Check it out.


Great thread… I’d also like to give this a try… any more info out there? I’ll check out Ko’s idea in a sec. Living in an appartment may make things difficult, any ideas to get around that?

Oops, I meant porkchop’s suggestion. I’m just not all that bright, ya know?

I started with a kit myself. It was easy and I was hooked. I would recommend te book The Complete Joy of Home Brewing by Charlie Papazian. Lotsof good info for the home brewer.

Great suggestions, thanks y’all. I’ll pick up a kit and try making an ale, and I’ll check out that book, too.

I agree that a kit is the way to go. As far as brewing mead goes, I would wait for awhile. As I understand it, it takes upward of a year before mead is ready to bottle. Now I’m sure that you don’t have to wait that long, but that is what the recipie in the “joys of home brewing” states. Good luck.