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Brewer's Yeast Supplement?


Is this a good supplement CT?


Never used it and I don’t think people have used it since the late 80s, which says something. I’ve seen sheep placenta here in Australia, do you want to try that too? :wink:


Most people use nutritional yeast these days, which is nearly identical to bakers yeast but tastes better. The research done had athletes consume a serving post workout which boosted their immune response, ie its great for athletes who are constantly struggling with a run down immune system.


Seems like it’s out of fashion, but I don’t see why exactly. Maybe CT knows .I don’t see any reason right away why it wouldn’t be as good now as it was before.

Maybe there just isn’t any good money making potential with it and manufacturers have decided to push other things instead over the years. It’s just dried yeast.


LOL I am just getting interested in intestinal health.


That’s why I eat it (nutritional yeast) , along with sauerkraut every day (not together of course). Both have helped my intestinal health which also carried over to my immune function.