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BREW: Trouble with Tren


This is my first homebrew and I would appreciate elder knowledge on the subject (BONEZ or Schwarzenegger, or if you really know your organic chem...)
I am Canadian and did not have access to Finaplix-H (you lucky americans)

Instead I have the choice of Revalor H (140mg Tren Ace: 14mg Estradiol) or G ( 40mg tren ace : 8 mg estradiol) I am wondering if I can, using NAOH, neutralize the estradiol leaving only the Trenbolone Acetate.
My research has found that the most common occurring problem with using this "estrogen solubilizer" NAOH is that it only neutralizes a % of the estrogen and it destroys esters.

Initially, I had planned on using my Synovex-H to make test prop using d****'s kit, but after consideration, if NAOH does work effectively and will remove the ester leaving me with TNE or test base , I think a test suspension/ tren ace mix ed would be great.

So, in conclusion I am wondering:
1. will the NAOH work effectively as an estrogen solubilizer (in both synthesis: the TNE and Tren Ace)
2. will NAOH effect the chemical structure of the Revalor Trenbolone?
3. sodium tert-butylate? any experience/knowledge with this 'estrogen solubilizer"

Thanks for any replies in advance,
I am struggling with this since all the information on the interwebz regarding these "experiments" involves Finaplix-H which has no estradiol.

OH and I attached the picture for all the members who stumble/wander in here and cant really contribute to the thread aha


I'm convinced NAOH will leave you with test prop if you let it sit in solution for one hour, as per most kits directions. You might have some test base with a little estrogen left, but not much. The longer you let it sit in solution the more base you end up with.

As far as using NAOH with tren, never tried it. You could just run nolvadex through your cycle and not worry about removing the estrogen, I've known a few to go that route.


when I first started brewing syno I did not use naoh (red devil lye) I used the recrystallization method use the search for an old thread called Synovex and Estrogen it has alot of good info packed in it.

the fina does not require anything at all, a bottle of yellow heet (Methanol) to break down the pellets, filter the sludge (binders) with coffee filters and then the resulting clear liquid you add drop by drop ice cold purified water and you will see crystals fall to the bottom
filter these with a clean filter and allow to dry then re-wash with methanol
recrystallize alow to dry ect.

I used this same method with synovex and worked with well. no issues with estrodil at all.
if I remember right you can use the naoh solution after the first crystallization of the syno. however I am not convinced of the effectiveness because people say you have to let it sit for one hour no more and no less.

with the tren you have it has a 10/1 tren/est ratio I would think using the recrystallization method should be fine.

my question to you is this, with the availability of powders and finished product what made you want to convert still?
is it these are not available to you or cost? whats the issue,I would just get powder and brew it up myself and not worry about converting, its too much work now .


Thanks for the replies beerbarbq and Maddy D.

@Maddy D---> I have no powder sources and my "guy" was recently pinched, putting me into the real world of obtaining UGL gear. In Ontario, while there is a market or economy for both UGL or HG gear, it is, IMO, severely overpriced and most UG gear is under dosed. This route is much more concrete ( physically obtaining materials in person and performing synthesis to guarantee the end product) rather than sending a money order to some con artist in china for powders.

If I had a powder source, I would be willy fuckin wonka, but alas I will be spending the next few cycles using test suspension + tren ace. Now, if i could just find a way to get my paws on some drostanolone propionate powder......


totally understand

well I wish ya luck