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Brew For The Novice

 Yet another novice here seeking advice.I've been working out on a consistant basis for 10 years and I am 27 years of age.Based on my own research I'm guessing that my first cycle should be something like:

1c of decca and test cyp. every week for 8 weeks.

As for pct, I need some schooling on that before I get started.Did I get the dosage right or do I need to grovel my ass back to the drawing board? Any threads about pct you drop on me would be great.

Just want to get it right before I farm myself a nice looking set of tits or take an untimely dirt knap! Thanks in advance.


ok, lets get this straight for the final time. AAS are not measured by cc or ml, they are measured in milligrams. more precisely how many milligrams per milliliter.

your 1cc could be 10 milligrams or it could be 500mg. that is quite the difference.

1c of decca is a 200mg and the same goes for the test.

Any thoughts on the pct please?

I personally think you should up the dosage on both the test and the deca. What are your goals? Do you want to get insanly huge or do you want slow steady gains? Also I think you should run the test one week longer than the deca because of there half-lives (how long the working esters stay in your system).

You should really already know about pct before you ever thought about using AAS. But since you didn’t worry about that detail untill now your pct should go like this:

wk 11: 100 mg clomid e/d
wk 12: 50 mg clomid e/d
wk 13: 50 mg clomid e/d

If you are going to keep the test and deca dosage the way you originally had planned it this should be sufficient. But if you decided to up the dosage you should plan on having some nolvadex on hand for the duration of the cycle.

Need a higher dose of both, or in the very least one of the two. Maybe 400mg per week for both? I’m not big on deca though, however lots of people like it. Good cycle for a first though, nice and simple, not too many compounds. Could also just run test at 5 or 600 per week for 10 weeks. Good luck


When asking such basic questions, your best bet is to hit the search engine.

thanks guys for being open minded and patient for the novice man! As for size I would like slow and steady gains.Maybe 20 to 25 pounds of lean mass. How much of that mass will stay with me after the cycle.Any other opinions as to what anabolics are good for the novice are welcome.Would sustanon be to outlandish for a first timer?Thanks again guys.

The biscuite

Ok you want to gain about 20 to 25 lbs of lean mass during this cycle? Thats not going to happen at the dose you had on your thread. You would definetly have to raise the dose on the test and and keep the deca a litle bit under (test 600mg & deca 500mg /wk). By the way have you ever herd about tappering down dosages or front loading? Also the biggest portion of what you are going to gain is going to depend on your diet.

The pct is going to help you retain a big portion of your gains overall.

What you really need to do is do some of your own research and come to us with some sort of knowledge of what you want to do. Just saying that you want to gain 20 - 25 lbs. of lean mass dosn’t give us a thing to work with. Everybody would love to gain 20 - 25 lbs. of lean mass and keep it all!

Come up with a final cycle plan (after you have done a lot more research) including compounds, dosage, pct, goals, and something about yourself. We know your age and how long you’ve been working out but we don’t know anything else. How many days a week do you work out? What is your diet like? Are you dedicated to what you are doing or are you just wanting something to do it for you? I saw that you weighed 225 lbs. but what is your body composition (% of fat). I could go on forever. All of these things matter when your wanting help from people who don’t know you or can’t see you. You can never give to much useful info.

Man I wish every newbie could read this…

Thanks for the advice yguy.I’ll do some more research before I decide on a final plan.As for me I’m 225 @ 5’10"
and 12%bf.I lift 4 days a week with 2 cardios. chest-back,cardio,arms,off,legs,off,cardio.
I want to bodybuild and WIN,not just compete for shits and giggles!As for my diet I am putting it on until feb.and then leaning back out to 8%bf.I am trying to do all of this before June 1. There is no significance to my plan, It is just a starting point to something to work for!