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Brett's Training Log


I’m new to the forum…hopefully will get an intro done later this evening that will elaborate this quick introduction …former light/middleweight power lifter and strongman…currently an arm wrestling competitor…and just became interested in calisthenics training…was on a one week weight/one week calisthenics “program” (I still deadlift on cal/bodyweight day because nothing replaces the dead!) right now on a month long calisthenics kick…I noticed gains every where…and my strict barbell (standing) has improved (.must be all the pike press/pike push-ups)

Any weird words such as supination is an arm wrestling workout…as you can see I haven’t gotten any table time (actual arm wrestling practice in…due to teams not having practice or work) and I do grippers and light supination and pronation at home

Monday 11-7
50 decline push-ups
3 sets of handstand push-ups
20jump squats
50 bw squats
30 overhand pullups
30 underhand pullups
30 regular pikes

Tuesday 11-8
Deadlift- 6x1
Rdl- 3x6
KB swings SS back ext- 3x12
Back bridges

Wednesday 11/9
Fg holds
Supination (3 heavy, 3 light)
Pronation (load pin and band)
Wrist curls (gg/load pin, cc load pin)

Thursday 11-10
OH & UH pullups- 4 sets each
50 push-ups
40 dips
60 squats
Db shrugs

Supination work, pronation work, Sinks, WRIST CURLS, hammers

Saturday 11-12
100 squats
50 decline pikes
BB shrugs- 3x10-12 ss face pulls
75 push-ups
40 incline push-ups
60 dips

Sunday 11-13
50 squats
50 push-ups
50 deep pikes
45 decline push-ups
4 sets of OH and Hammer pullups

11-14 Monday
4 sets handstand push-ups
30 push-ups
30 decline push-ups
2 sets of all pullups
50 dips

Tuesday 11-15
Deadlift- 5x1
Rdl- 3x8
KB swings SS back ext- 12x ss 10x (3 sets)
Back bridges

Wednesday 11/16
100 squats
100 push-ups
40 dips
50 decline pikes
40 Pullups
Db shrugs-3x15
Neck and abs

Wrist curls
Bicep curls

30 deep pikes
3 sets of pause push-ups
3 sets decline pause push-ups
50 bodyweight squats
20 lunges/leg
30 OH pullups
30 Australian pullups
3 sets of pressdowns

Friday 11-18
Bb press- 140x5x5
3 sets of handstand push-ups
50 push-ups
30 incline push-ups
65 squats
40 dips
3 sets of UH and HAMMER pullups

Saturday 11-19
Fg holds- 3 sets
Bb wrist curl- 5 sets
Supination- 3 sets
Pronation- 3 sets
Sinks- 3 sets
Wrist wrench wrist curls- 3 sets

Sunday 11-20
Outdoor workout park
UH and OH pullups
120 bodyweight squats
75 push-ups
50 dips
44lb KB/per hand farmers carry up stair (heaviest kbs I have)
~90-130Lb done clean and presses
KB swings

11-21 Monday
Bands work
Wrist curls (bb and gg)
Pronation (band)
Some biceps
Ww wrist- 2x15

Tue 11-22
100 push-ups
105 squats
50 OH pullups
50 dips
25 decline pikes
25 pikes
Abs and neck

11-23 Wednesday
BB press- 145x5(3 sets) 150x5
50 push-ups
50 decline push-ups
75 squats
Australian pullups
UH pullups
60 dips

Thursday 11-24
Deadlift- 3x1
Rdl- 3x6
KB 1 leg rdl- 2x6-7
KB swings- 3x12 SS back ext- 3x12
Back bridges


11-25 Friday workout

Apparently it’s an active recovery day…

4x15 paused push-ups
60 bodyweight squats
5 sets of overhand (OH) pullups
3x10 headbangers
2x15 dips
Abs and neck


My intro

Hello everyone, I’m Brett…28, 5’7" 176-178Lbs (80-81kg) I’ve been lifting since age 13, had many ups and downs…plus a very unhealthy metabolism (its way too high) but I truck along…Former powerlifter and strongman (lightweight/middleweight)…9 bench press state titles (i dont know how) and 9 deadlift state titles…with one world deadlift title WABDL 2005 worlds, 16-19 age group, 148 Lb class. I deadlift conventional, as sadly I deadlifted sumo in high school, which caused my first injury…never won anything in strongman but did harness pull a 21 ton semi, had some good deadlift and 18" deadlift showings and grip events I did well at…currently a competitivearm wrestler…no titles lol yet…It’s a different strength…tendons before muscle…but three years into the sport I’ve developed some nice tendon strength and been able to incorperate my brute strength as well. Had a number of tournaments where I placed 2nd left and right in pro class (pro class has the veterans in there)…Im better left handed, which is odd because I’m a right handed person… I got into arm wrestling after my low back finally wouldn’t heal from injuries…I’ve came back from that and tweaked my back a few times…figured out my hams and glutes were weak…I’ve fixed that, so my best and favorite lift is coming along…some of my workouts are odd aka arm wrestling focused so odd words like supination pronation will be used. haha also if you read table time that actually means arm wrestling with others (I’ve gotten some weird looks when I say that so I’m just throwing it out there :cool:

I use to post all the time and Ive missed it so I hope I am welcomed here. My focus is always strength and weight gain (correct/muscle) as my job (city mail carrier, 5 days a week of walking 8 miles a day…remember my metabolism sucks…its too fast and high lol) killed my training for over a year and 1/2 :frowning: but all is on track

Also I am a big calisthenics person (just got into it) I was on a week of almost all weight training/week of almost all calisthenics (I deadlift, RDL, kb 1 leg rdl, and weighted back extention every week as nothing replaces the deadlift)…went from a stagnant 172 to 181 :slight_smile: back to 176-178…would like to get to the point where I am 180 all the time :slight_smile: On the 28th of nov I will have completed a full month of almost all calisthenics…5 days a week of full body days…with arm wrestling on the other two days or on a two a day…standing strict press (one of my other favorite lifts and oddly enough I’m good at as my arms are long, almost 6’ wingspan, for being short) went up and I noticed size and strength gains everywhere :thumbs_up:…nov 29- dec 12 I’ll do a 2 weeks almost all weights then back to a month of almost all calisthenics (of course deads every week with standing strict barbell press, db rows and db bench thrown in randomly…also the next month long calisthenics program will become mainly heavyweight calisthenics…weighted vest/chain belts will be used :):cool::muscleti5:

Any questions, comments, etc feel free


Saturday 11-26
•Fat grip db holds- 75s- 3 sets of 30 sec holds
•Bb wrist curl- a lot
•Hammer curls SS ez bar curls
•Supination (with loading pin and weight plates)
•Pronation (with loading pin wright plates and with resistance band)
•Wrist curls with Wrist Wrench (WW) and loading pin


Sunday 11/27
100 squats (last 10 jump squats)
100 push-ups
50 dips
50 decline pike presses
BB shrugs-3x12 (265, 265, 290)
Face pulls


Monday 11-28
3 sets of handstand push-ups
2 sets of push-ups (paused 2x25)
2 sets of decline push-ups
2 sets of regular pike push-ups
2 sets OH pullups
50 squats
Calves, abs, neck (2x20 light with harness, 2x25 forward with plate on forehead)


11-30 Wednesday
Arm wrestling practice I LOVE TENDON SORENESS!!

12-1 Thursday
4 sets of 5 front squat
3 sets of 5 back squat
4 sets of 10 leg press
50 bodyweight squats
Calves and abs

4 sets oh OH pullups
4 sets of Hammer pullups
5x8 db row (90, 100, 100, 105, 110)
UH straight bar cable rows- 3x10
Seated row machine- 3x10-12


Friday 12-2
Bb strict ress- 150-4sets of 5, 155x5
Db press- 45s-3x10
Handstand push-ups- 3x5
Decline pikes- 3x12
Dips- 100
Rehab- cable movements and front and side raises


Saturday 12/3
Fg holds, barbell wrist curls, statics band holds (back up side), biceps

Later at my friend’s (he’s wheelchair bound so I take care of him once a week) supination, pronation, and grippers


Sunday 12-4
Feeling out the barbell bench press
3 sets of db flat bench
3 sets of db incline
50 push-ups
Bb shrugs- 3x10 (225 light, shoulder sore from arm wrestling and shoulder day)
Facepulls- 3x10